Gulf Keystone. Moans and Groans!

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GKP Revenue from oil.

There’s an awful lot of speculation doing the rounds re’ GKP  as the last month or so has seen a dramatic decrease from the recent highs of 200p plus so just whats caused the decrease? Could it be the recent trouble in Libya,Egypt or the ongoing political uncertainty in Iraq? Well no; although this may have had some effect the Blog will pin-point the day and time the downward trend began. If investors researched their investments judiciously then they’d realise that on 9th of Feb’ 2011 GKP were trading at £1.87p the RNS released that day 7a.m precipitated the fall. The director sells. Yes good old Ewen Ainsworth and his dear wife flogged 240,000 shares while Johnny boy Gerstenlauer, an executive director of the Company, sold 300,000 now John doesn’t hold any shares directly his only holding is in the employee Benefit trust. And Ewen’s direct holding reduced by just under a third.

It’s a complete over-reaction but these director sales have precipitated a bout of profit-taking. Now you too can take some profit (if you haven’t already) but as sure as night follows day the GKP phoenix will rise again.

The news from the city is that there’s been some jiggery-pokery from every private investors arch enemy. Market Makers have been walking the stock down for their ill-gotten gains the whisper is that it’s all but complete and is petering out. Eyes on for a rise?

The company are sat on Billions of barrels of oil and are now increasing the Shaikan bopd thus increasing revenue. And you can take it from me with a 75% interest in the Shaikan block coupled with oil sales into the local market that are only a taster of the riches to come it will not be long before these sales/potential begin to be reflected in the sp as to just how much revenue GKP and share-holders can expect from a company literally awash with Billions upon Billions of barrels of oil! There’s an awful lot happening at GKP and rumours are a plenty. Take some advice. Do not be fooled into selling! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this stock. It is a 24 Carat gold investment!

HOLD YOUR STOCK! There’s a big spike back up to 200p in the offing!!!



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  1. venita says:

    Thanks BMD!
    The Techs don’t look good! It’s oversold but still dropping through supports with great ease. SP smashed through 130p now about to test 118p? Then if that doesn’t hold 103p??
    Wish I had more money to top up but I do feel sorry for people who bought in at 190p+

  2. Doug says:

    I hope your right Dan. Although in V good profit overall with GKP. After buying back at 173p It’s showing as one of the biggest losers in my portfolio. as you say time for GKP to rise again! – To 200 and beyond!

  3. Charles says:

    A nice post for us beleaguered holders

  4. alex says:

    something must be wrong here, the sp is actually still falling, I think this is a first….I would have thought a 7% jump not a 7% fall after this.

  5. javaid says:

    Hi Dan, while i appreciate ur in depth analysis etc etc in to shares, can u really JUSTIFY making posting like the one above in your post?
    “Take some advice. Do not be fooled into selling! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this stock. It is a 24 Carat gold investment!

    HOLD YOUR STOCK! There’s a big spike back up to 200p in the offing!!!”
    some may call this BLATANT RAMPING?
    what if it NEVER RECOVERS?
    what if it falls to 20p?
    i like many many r stuck, and sitting on losses, big losses..and i too, am hoping for this to move back up, even if it is just to 150p, just so that some faith can be restored in GKP and MANAGEMENT..but some ppl may take ur post the wrong way!!
    thnx…hope to get a reply from you soon.

  6. MikeST says:

    For javaid (and anyone else quaking in their boots about the GKP SP at the moment) I’ve been invested in GKP since 2009 and Dan has been publishing about the fundamentals of this company since then too.

    Bottom line pal – if you doubt the fundamentals of the company, if you doubt the Blog’s position on the company, then you should sell and spare the rest of us your whining at what is clearly a pretty tough time for shareholders…

  7. BrianBrian2 says:

    DAN, I dont think there are many who have not drawn the conclusion, that the market makers, the brokers or both, have had their grubby hands in the honey pot, not least the holding back of “sell” trades and then throwing them all in enblock when it suits their purpose. I am sure all your followers would appreciate it if you enlarged the scope of the practices used to keep us peasents in check.
    regards brian
    PS I held gulf for a while but got cold feet some months ago.

  8. Andy says:

    I think the problem can be that today company exists and tomorrow after government change it may disaper – that’s a major fear i reckon

  9. Doolally says:

    I’m pretty much an investing beginner, although I’ve dabbled for a little while now. I’d love to see a blog about how Money Makers walk stop up and down, why they do it and the methods they use.

    I think a number of others would like it too!

    Can you give us a little info on the subject?

    • Brokerman says:

      Funny you should ask.
      I’m currently writing an article on the very same.
      The new site will be an eye opener for private investors MM’s will be exposed, named and shamed!