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Williston basin outlined. Canadian shield is r...

Potash is big business.

You’re all aware of the Chinese and world demand for POTASH it’s a very sought after mineral. Well here’s a company that I’ve been tracking for quite some time I’ve never posted on them and they have spiked last year to over 20p on news that the Red Peril (Chinese) were sniffing around them.

Sirius Minerals today announced funding of £20 million pounds via a placing at 13p per share. The proceeds of which will now be used to further their assets in UK,USA,AUS.

“Its primary focus is to bring on stream major potash mining facilities through the acquisition and development of projects overlying recognised potash deposits. Today it holds properties in the United Kingdom (North Yorkshire), the United States (North Dakota), and Australia (Queensland and Western Australia).”

Now there seems to be some confusion among private Investors as to the company aims and potential future value. So I’ll post some information directly from the company for Investors to peruse.

Williston Basin in North Dakota
31% of recent global potash (KCl) production came from the Williston Basin in Canada
Estimates* of 50 billion tonnes of Potash in North Dakota
Sirius holds 50km2 of claims
Close to rail, gas, and water

Australia   Adavale Location
602km2 of claims
50km south of Blackall
Drilling sites identified from recently completed seismic interpretation
Significant volumes of salt targets
Chlor-alkali potential
0 to 500 metres thick
Approximately 100bn tonnes
Significant Potash known to exist in Adavale
Historical drilling and assay results suggest 41% KCl in Boree
MOU with Sino Agri signed  (Chinese interest)

Australia Canning Basin

2,298km2 of claims
200km SE of Broome
Existing data from prior Rio Tinto
Mallowa salts underlay the claims approx 450 metres thick at a depth of 550 metres. Identified as prospective for economic potash mineralization (RTX Report No. 28496)
Seismic and drilling targets currently being generated

***The North Yorkshire play has the potential to become one of the world’s largest polyhalite deposits.***

Sirius are well on course to potentially become one of the biggest Global suppliers of POTASH on planet earth.

Now what makes SIRIUS different in my eyes is the locality of their assets ALL are in First world country’s where infrastructure  and political stability are a GIVEN. They also are partnered with many Leading Industry  experts and two of their board hold hefty chunks of stock totaling nearly a quarter of the company! . But the cherry on the Sirius cake is the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Sino Agri re’ Adavale Australia as this gives Sino Agri a foot-hold in to the company through Adavale. The Chinese are hungry for minerals of all kinds in particular POTASH and Sirius have access to vast amounts!

The sp here is destined to rise on any good news, particulary towards the end of this year as Sirius look towards firming up their asset potential with various scoping studies etc. could double should double from where they are now (12p) as the Sirius Powerhouse project developes on through out 2011! Eyes on for the end of the year they should hit it!

And please research!



PS Lot of emails on T/O price. 50p sounds fair value to me.


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  1. stevie says:

    Dan, I’ve bailed on the penguins…..gutted but could be looking at p90 figs at best mate. If this is correct whats your thoughts about where it will go on sp?

  2. alex says:

    lucky to bail out of these at 18p before they tanked..

  3. James Allen says:

    What the frick is happening to the market again!

    My portfolio is looking horrible!

  4. mw says:

    Wouldnt touch these ! I live with in touching distance of where this new mine in North yorkshire is ment to be (between whitby and scarborough) this will never happen and if it does it’ll be years before anything is even built !. There is a potash mine (boulby potash) less than five miles away that is massive and has large polyhalite deposits but has spent millions getting them.