Matra Petroleum. Big spike coming!

Henry Pescarolo -  Matra F2 1969

The final Lap!

Well it’s been an emotional roller-coaster for the Matra faithful. And for all those who have stuck with their investment from the dark days of 1.5p a very fruitful one.  170% increase!  Matra are currently on the up and the trend is set to continue as yes Matra are back on Track at A12. Rumours of test production are wafting through the market.

The recent placing at 3.1p was known to be on the cards by the Blog. Those of you who follow the Blogs’ Matra musings will recall the post informing the Blogosphere of Matras’ London meetings. We had a very reliable source whispering in our ear that these talks were re’ a placing however It was decided to with-hold this snippet as a precautionary measure.  The fall-out from posting such news would have caused the Blog no end of problems with accusations of insider knowledge! not least with the company itself!

The placing should be seen as further proof that Matras’ main investors are “Happy to invest”  After all Peter Hind must have given assurances on production and a forward-looking 12 month plan for the revenue stream that production will give. The whisperings must of contained a double digit sp carrot.

And if you all recall we reported that Matra were looking at other assets in the Urals WHICH Hind all but confirms (“increase our efforts to find suitable opportunities to grow the company further”)

“With the issue of the Competent Person’s Report and the Production Licence in 2010 we have made substantial progress towards the development of the Sokolovskoe Field. With initial production expected shortly the funds will allow us to finalize development plans and to increase our efforts to find suitable opportunities to grow the company further.”

Yes initial production was “expected shortly” so where is the news I hear you shout?

Well the news is with Matra’s Nomad! Once the placing is officially admitted then you can rest assured that news on A12 will quickly follow! “The placing stock will be admitted to trading at 8am 14th Feb’ 2011”

It’s game on here and 12p over the next few months looks like a strong possibility. Production brings revenue,Revenue brings cash and cash increases value and options for growth!

Well done to all the faithful. The rewards should be high!

Eyes on Matra they are set to explode upwards!




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  1. samuel sunday says:

    Thanks Dan, since I have been following your advice, profits have started rolling in. Many thanks for all the good work.

  2. Moses says:

    Nice and simple keep up the good work dan

  3. mike says:

    Have a look at Empyrean Energy. Moving up again today. Reserves report imminent and definately by the end of February. Should be valued at 15-20p on like for like with 2 other companies that have a share in the Sugarloaf prospect. (ASX – AUT and EKA).

    Also have a few other prospects which seem to be coming to a head and could be worth a substantial amount to shareprice. 50p+ Maybe this year?

    Email me if you would like any more information.

    Let me know if you have looked at these?


  4. Paul says:

    Always nice to see postive news with this company as it’s been along time in coming, I have been in this small Oil company for a year and a half and first time around like many others lost money but at the end of the day that’s the gamble !! But something keeps bring me back to Matra? Sold out on a loss on the big drop last year and then reinvested @ 1.57p ‘ waited for a bigish drop this time before buying back’ now I am well in profit and just going hold tight with this one as like all big company’s they start off small and grow!! So keep on BMD with the up dates and continue to invest in what you belive in – Thanks

  5. This will no doubt fall on similar fate as the last moderated post and was intended for yourself as you have not contact email on your blog! not as a ramp for the readers.

    Have you looked at or come across ‘Serica Energy’ yet? It has more production and is a better undervalued play than the ‘San Leone’ you write about.

    Be interesting to see if you can fundamentally scrutinize them and able to recognize their value.

    good luck

    • Brokerman says:

      Well Mr Friend you are more than welcome to post on the Blog.
      However the moderator tells me that several of your posts were spammed/trashed due to their obnoxious content.
      It’s only a personal Blog and only personal opinion. But the standards on courtesy are high. Try not to get too emotional.
      Keep it clean.


  6. AJ says:

    Thanks Dan.. Good Post.

    Keep up the good work n keep smiling 🙂

  7. MPS says:

    Hi Dan

    Excellent advise as usual but running the DYOR which is a must for private investors…..on the subject of ‘slow burners’ any advise of how you see VOG going in the near future….still no sign of the license and its becoming the conundrum stock of the year!!

    keep up the great work

  8. Henry says:


    Is anyone able to take a stab at what the potential SP for MTA could be? I mean if A12 and A13 do as well as what has been projected, is 12p the max? I know noone can say for certain.

    Keep up the good advice Dan.

  9. Lt says:

    Appreciate the updates Dan.

  10. B1ggz says:

    As always a great update on MATRA.


  11. N says:

    The big spike today was in AMER!
    Closing the week at an all time high. Looking very strong on decent volumes.

  12. John says:


    I think Serica Energy is a massive player that offers true potential that is very low risk. £30million cash in the bank, 25 % Producing assets in Indonesia producing 3000 boepd (may be sold for £80million plus), North sea columbus find with 10mmbbls reserve, licences in Morocco, North Sea, Indonesia, Spain, Ireland all for a current market cap of £70million

    This is massive

  13. John says:

    Serica Energy is massive

  14. rick says:

    I agree Serica Energy is way undervalued – im surprised Dan hasn’t got this on his blog….should be valued at leat a £1

  1. 12 February, 2011

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