Matra. Buy and Hold!

There’s no point flooding the Blog with emails.

I have already stated that Matra are a buy (I don’t do that lightly). In my opinion they should double on news next week! Production is on test.

Now you can do one or two things either sell or hold for the news!

99% buy. How’s that for confidence?


It is your money not mine!



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  1. edcremin says:

    Any chance you could have a look at Churchill Mining they have a huge coal resources and with coal in such demand. I was wondering if they are fairly priced with the coal they have and all the rumours of a takeover?

  2. Arfan says:

    Hi Daniel

    Can you please post something regarding roxy petroleum? We’re due for some news on the drilling programme and would appreciate your views on this company



  3. praful jines says:

    Dan take a look at the SOU presentation just out. Slide 5 shows how their is a billion dollar upside here!



  4. Harry Smith says:

    Love the way everyone is trying to get their shares mentioned on this blog just to give them a little lift good or not!

  5. Alla says:

    Hi Dan,
    Will you please to share your view on recent San Leon and Encore Oil sp moves? Any update on your 1 million challenge?
    I like your blog and really trust your judgment.

    Kind regards,

  6. Barno99 says:

    Got that spot on a great buy with tons more news to come over the coming weeks