Nautical Petroleum. Mission Accomplished!

December 7–19: Apollo 17, the last manned Moon...

Mission Accomplished!

Well it’s been a truly fantastic journey here.

NPE have excelled at finding more oil than I care to remember however there comes a time when one (me) has to bid farewell to Nautical.

Yesterday I sold 15,000 shares at 477p  (approx 350% gain) keeping 2000 as a totally free carry.

I did sell stock last year at just over 300p another 15000 in two lots  (approx 200% gain).

Nautical have been very good to me and I know they will certainly rise more over the coming months. A purely personal decision on my behalf. The pressure of holding out was becoming unbearable my sanity was on a knife-edge. A 350% gain began to weigh on my mind. You all know the usual doubts that creep in it was a battle to hold them for as long as I did.

Now I have strengthen’d my cash position and banked the profit. As a great teacher of mine always taught “no one ever went bankrupt making a profit” or words to that effect.

Time to move on for me. I feel as though a personal victory has been achieved here for myself the Blog and all who hold Nautical. Wasn’t it this Blog that wrote many many moons ago that “Nautical are going Major?”

I do expect them to hit 600p but for me 350% profit had to be banked.



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  1. Martin R says:

    Well done Dan, any profit = good profit!!!
    Keep going with the site and keep us updated on future plans and movements. M.

  2. TJ says:

    Well done Dan – a very nice profit and thankyou to pointing this stock out to me early door.

    Why sell out before the Catcher North results thought which is seen by many as the ‘banker’ drill??

    • Brokerman says:

      Well it just got to a point where it was becoming too big a gain.
      The pressure became unbearable it was a real personal fight internally trying to hold them.
      I know they will hit 600p however my cash position needed an injection of funds.


  3. bob says:


    What ever happened to your comments about Roxi becoming a favoured company has the stall in progress kept you from adding them to the website??

    • Brokerman says:

      Certainly not!
      I will add them to the list. Great things could occur at Roxi.
      I just need a day off work to re-jig the entire Blog.
      I’m planning to have a full blog work-over cleaning out some of the older posts.


  4. Paul m says:

    You multibagger!

  5. Joseph says:

    I would have banked at 200% did well to hold . Could you have a look at atc ? A little coal miner . Blackrock have reversed and nearly tripled their stake with coal prices to rocket in the next few months . They are set to double production , seems to good to be true ? News expected soon thanks if you can

  6. Adam says:

    Do you think Encore have reached theri peak then, or do you still hold out for 200 odd for them, as they have the takeover possibility?

    • Brokerman says:

      I can’t comment at the moment as i’m half -way through an important post on EO.
      200P is a MINIMUM HOLD POSITION 300P will be hit.
      I hold Encore and advise you to wait for at least 200p.
      Your choice.


      • Adam says:

        thanks Dan, was planning to hold, just wanted to knwo your thoughts. Shame they can’t be ISA’d

  7. Stephen C says:

    Impressive Dan! On a side note, I am long-term holder of Encore and wonder whether you will agree with me in thinking that Encore’s under performance compared to Nautical is unjustified. I know the management have off-loaded some shares but all three directors retain at least 80% of their previous holdings. I see they spudded the Catcher North appraisal well Monday too…