Nautical Petroleum. City tongues wagging?

A nautical star.

Nautical Star.

There is an awful lot of background noise here in the City of London concerning Nautical.

Upgrades a plenty.

You’ll all recall the articles posted on here over the last several months encouraging investors to research this company. Well I can now inform the general Blogosphere that 300p is fast approaching. Recent unrisked estimates are now being revised upwards from previous levels, as are in-house targets, some as high as 400/500p. There will be quite a few feathers flying next week in the city when expected news is rumoured to be released.

Hold for the news.

Bin Man Dan.

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No Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    Well done again Dan! Any news on Encore ?

  2. Conal says:


    Just wondering when you say expecting news next week is this strictly in relation to their Kraken Discovery or are we to expect news on the catcher discovery also, I thought we would be expecting news regarding the latter maybe later down the line. My thoughts were that both NPE and Encore were focusing more on their others dicoveries for the time being and that they would return to Catcher at a later date.

    Great blog and many thanks for your hard work.

  3. Rosalimacat says:

    Hay Dan , is hdy. Hardy oil any good

  4. Rosalimacat says:

    Hi Dan , hdy. Hardy oil any good,

  5. miopus says:

    Bin man dan ?

    As in Osama or dust ? Hope this is not part of a terrorist plot against the Pope ……..

  6. Mark says:

    I agree Dan – next week will be exciting times for NPE. Even if the sidetrack fails, the initial drill looks great – V. high porosity & multi darcy pressure….. There’s a lot more to come from this.

    I see very little downside, with funding now in place & drilling on Catcher to start again. £4 & £5 here we come!!!!

    By my reckoning, Monday is the earliest we could be hearing results.