Handbags at Dawn! Provident Financial! And an FT Baseball bat!

SVG drawing of a baseball bat.

A "Baseball Bat" remark cracked two FT nuts

Breaking news! Provident Financial.

Share-holders of Provident Financial have enjoyed a great run recently. The 3 month chart is showing a 30% plus rise so what was it that had the telephones ringing this Thursday?

Well after a hardy lunch yesterday with an old flame of mine from the respected Press Gazette the Blog can exclusively reveal that Thursdays sp hike was very nearly derailed by off the cuff comments from a respected financial organisation! The whisper is that Provident Financial’s big hitters were all aghast and hopping mad so much so that PF’s Board of Directors were left choking on their prawn-cocktails. Their legal teams were hastily put on a war footing just in-case the respected financial institution refused to remove or apologise for the major faux-pas.

So just what was it that nearly brought the Gods of war out? Well far be it for this blog to name names……. …………………………………..So we will!

The Markets Live team! Yes the (not so) professional financial commentators over on FT Alphaville put their foot in it big time! Alphamorons Neil Hume, London FT online editor and Bryce Elder, Neil’s snide kick, have been beating a hasty retreat. Apparently they described Provident Financial as “DOORSTOP LENDERS” and a “BASEBALL BAT LENDING COMPANY!” or words to that effect. We can’t get the exact terminology used as the offending remarks have been removed from Thursdays transcript! (Any one out there with an unaltered transcript? Please do email it to the Blog).

The deadly duo or chastened two as the case now is must be breathing a sigh of relief. What would have happened if the stock had bombed? Well our friends at the FSA would have been called in to investigate! Close call, red faces and squeaky bums. Lionel must be fuming!

Keep up the good work chaps!



PS. The chastened two will be watching their P’s @ Q’s from now on. Rumour is that Big Lionel will be logging on undercover.

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No Responses

  1. Apur says:

    Any recommendation regarding PTCM and ATC
    Please give your opinion on them??

  2. SirMcbonus says:

    I was on the thurs sess’ it was big gob Bryce elder his words were “Baseball bat lending” i knew he’d get fooked for saying stuff like that.
    He’s a” real un” as we say in Glasgow a true nob.

  3. Provident says:

    I’m a share holder in pf what a crass pair they are. Hume and Elder are useless. I bet they soon back peddled when provident got on the fone. Fancy calling a respected companies thugs cause thats what baseball bat lending means! Dickheads i bet they’re feelin the heat. Crap site to that alphavile run by muppets

  4. rlszer says:

    I for one remember the misery as a child this company played on my parents, I would not go anywhere near them as am adult, and wish everyone else could do the same. Alas, Provident will always be around, charging v.high interest rates and add to peoples mounting problems. Its always the least well of that are shafted. I for one could never invest in them. Remember,
    “quick, hide behind the sofa, the Provi is coming.” !!!

  5. Lt says:

    Dan how about your comments re the current MTA SP performance or lack of it?

  6. ....ajf says:

    THe truth always hurts.