Desire Petroleum. Get out now!

Disaster Report

Disaster Petroleum coming to a studio near you!

Many investors were today rushing for the savlon yet again as their fingers were burnt YET AGAIN by this disaster of a company.

Will the penny ever drop with some die-hard investors that Desire are a complete and miserable failure. After the calamity of turning oil into water and more dusters than an industrial cleaner some just can’t grasp the nettle and leave. The band plays on while HMS Desire sinks with YOUR hard-earned money.

But there is a solution at hand here for investors seeking to recover their losses which  run into many millions. Take the rump of your investment out here and sink it into Matra Petroleum. Unlike Desire they have oil (many millions of barrels with most believing that the oip is being down-played) and yes they now also have the production License from the Russian establishment. Check the company out and research them.

Get the hell out of Desire before they drop below 30p which I am informed is a definite possibility due to there lack of funds to progress their drills. There is a dilution coming here and it is going to be massive. There are much better oilers out there that have actually hit oil and will over time increase in value. When you decide to invest always look at the company’s track-record as a pointer. The pointers for Desire are many. At every stage of their drills they have failed. Time to offload and bite the bullet!

I take no pleasure in once again saying “As foretold here”



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  1. Couldn’t believe this when I saw it this morning. Lucky I listened to you dan!!

  2. Biggleswick says:

    I have this strange loyalty to DES after being a holder so hold and riding the ups and downs but alas my poor heart and stomach could take no more and I cut my considerably reduced paper losses this morning at 7.00 am. What I had left I added to my MTA holding and having researched MTA feel they are as good as any pretty safe oilhouse out there. I don’t enjoy seeing DES struggle either, it’s awful to watch. Torturous in fact.

    • Biggleswick says:

      Got my dyslexic hat on, that should have been ‘a holder for so long’.

    • Dr Moriarty says:

      Iknow its a crying shame to see peeps lose big time here. This board should be charged with fraud.
      You got this one right all the way down the line Danny.
      Changing water into wine is mythical changing oil into water is criminal.
      Keep up the smashing work Brokerman. Saved my bacon on this one and PXS.

      Dr Moriarty

  3. Alan says:

    I got out of Des after a blunder, buying more at near peak after they announced an oil find. Already by some lucky investments with what was left, including CNR, and XEL I’ve more than recovered what I lost. Suspect they gained an advantage from that oil anouncement with knowledge or suspicion it was not definite. Same as the time they gave the impression the second well would be certain after the first well info. Seems to have been quite a pattern of building up hopes, attracting further investment and wasting it. Always some significant selling occurring before bad news as well. Dodgy!

  4. joseph says:

    dan you have been spot on with des ,dont know why anyone would risk a penny in here more oil on my bike chain.Any thoughts on xel director sells and the early warning ?not sure what to make of it……… think that all the bs flying around has spooked the market .Happy new year …..prospero ano nuevo !!!))

  5. Not surprising after WikiLeaks revealed US intel said there was little black stuff about. Still I’m keeping an eye on DES. There might be something here post fallout.

    • Biggleswick says:

      One thing I will contest is that the US knows bugger all about anything unless it has ITS fingers in said pies. They have no right to be calling anyone anything with their bad track record.

      • Precisely. This area was explored and drilled by major US exploration companies and the US navy carried out extensive data gathering in the hunt for oil. This is not to say that a discovery isn’t going to happen. Just that the chances of finding it might be so tough that it is going to eat more resources (cash) than some can endure.

  6. Gary says:

    Dan, any news about Leni Gas and Oil your thoughts would be really welcome as their sp seems to be on the slide?
    thanks in advance

  7. Lt says:

    Dan, how confifent are you that A13 will produce? Ie. Was the cement squeeze successful?

    • Brokerman says:

      LT Matra has risen approx’ 200% since we here began to focus on them. Although we have good sources within the industry it is nigh impossible (other than to fly to Orenburg in person) to now for certain at any given moment what the actual state of play is re’ the drill/s. I understand that investors are nervous try to look ahead not at the minute by minute musings online. It’ll send you mad! Remember this is Matra!!!!!
      They’ll get it right eventually!!! Keep faith. If you’re nerves are shot then top splice or derisk. The choice is yours.
      Good Luck

      • ABZ says:

        Thanks Dan for restating it. I am on board and looking for a big return.
        I am looking for your today’s article.
        I almost spend my whole day here in your blog to see the new post and research in your old RATINGS!
        Many thanks DAN for your hard work. I really appreciate it.
        Kindest Regards,

  8. Gtrader0 says:

    What’s going on ? Looks like a pump and dump

  9. Brokerman says:

    This site will never be shut down Bobbyshafto. You are now shut down.


  10. alex says:

    Dan the Man!!! What can I say, hats off to you again. . I only had a tiny punt in DES, I lost 30% overall, before I bailed out for good (30% loss was only 288quid). Should have bailed out with a profit when I had the chance. Heard some poor bugger lost his life savings (55k) on the LSE board on Des….I hope it isn’t true but then it wouldn’t surprise me.

  11. alex says:

    I think you should add DES to Death by a thousand cuts!!!