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It's only a few weeks!!!!!!

I can not believe that Berkeley Mineral Resources have dropped 28%!

Stock-holders need to shake their heads. They are being manipulated out of their stock. The current news regarding the license is just a fly in the ointment and todays massive over-reaction is being fuelled by day-traders dumping stock which in turn has caused a run on this sp. A classic case of mass Lemming syndrome! What’s the betting that a recovery begins to take place in the next few days? The company is telling you that,

“Completion of the acquisition is not now expected to take place until early in 2011.”

Investors need to realise that nothing in business ever runs smoothly there will always be hiccups! Especially when you’re negotiating with third world countries . Berkley will bounce back read what the company are telling the market 26th November 2010

The Company acquired an option to secure the rights to process the remaining stockpiles of lead and zinc at Kabwe Mine, Zambia in June 2010.

·      The stock piles are estimated to contain approximately 7 million tons of high-grade lead and zinc tailings.

Highlights post year-end:

·     The Company continues to work to complete the proposed acquisition of the tailings dumps at Kabwe, Zambia.

· The capital costs of the planned processing plant and working capital to commence operations are funded.

Nothing has changed here other than the time frame!

A very good punt and currently at bargain basement levels!

Hola !


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  1. Mo says:

    Thought it was time you said something LoL

  2. apur says:

    Down 30% today but still holding. Trust the BoD. They will come up good.

    MM has brought the SP down today there was no reason to drop this much because of the delay.

    It will come good early 2011.

    Thanks for the reassurance.

  3. michaelhelliwell says:

    well said daniel apsolute spot on mate whats changed nothiing novice traders bailing glueless on how shares work have you heard that great lyric people are week they all follow like sheep x

  4. Troglotrader says:

    The delay wouldn’t justify such a drop in SP, but according to the RNS, the vendor of the concession in question “is in the process of securing new licences and permits under Zambian mining law” .

    How routine is such a renewal in Zambia ? The expiry of the licences was presumably known before this morning!

    If the holding of the lucrative licences, which would pass to BMR, is crucial, it is possible that “others” might be hovering around and seeking to acquire them by fair means or foul?

    I hope not.

  5. mary says:

    Well Daniel. l have been holding these for a few months now, wish l had the funds to top up today but tied in with eo as well, there was no way l was going to sell a single share, waited all this time so can hang on a bit longer. its a true saying patience is a virtue especially when you are dealing with shares. thanks for your up date much appreciated kind regards mary

  6. TJ says:

    What do you think of leni’s RNS update today? Sounds good to me.

  7. sam says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Oxford biomedica Dan. I sold my holding’@8.9p after careful consideration of their latest news your blog post did help to clarify my position. Lost 1100 quid. you saved my bacon friend. there now down to under 6p an looking likely to go close to 5p i could buy back and actually have my same holding for nearly 4 grand less minus the 1100 which would mean i’d have 2900 pound in cash for a holding that originally cost me 10 grand which would now cost me under 6 grand.
    Mucho thanko.


  8. James Cornor says:

    I would avoid BMR especially given masoud alikhani (chairman) previous record eg Cape Diamonds !! expect disappointment