Sefton Resources. Implosion

It is getting deadly serious in the battle for truth and justice for the Sefton2. Word has reached the BMD site that the end-game is almost upon us.

Is there a full investigation now underway by the Board of Sefton Resources into the Gary Dillabaugh V Ellerton case? Which as you all know was kept secret by Ellerton. Just what they will be investigating is anyone’s guess particularly as they must have already known what was going on.

Yes this retrospective investigation is nothing more than an attempt to dig themselves out of the liabilities that will quickly follow (as happened to Sefton Director Tom Milne at the Oilsands quest class action for fraud case) once the company go tits up. And tits up they will go.

Has Sefton ordered the transcript of the Dillabaugh V Ellerton case? I and Mr Tom have? Do we have the Transcript and the sworn Ellerton depositions? Watch this space. I can only tell you that the Transcripts are 250 pages of damning evidence.

Of course Allenby could quite easily have just asked Ellerton for a copy of his sworn deposition. No doubt they have. Nick Harriss is at long last squaring up to the screaming Ellerton. Better late than never Nick. Respect.

Has the liar Ellerton passed over his sworn deposition? I doubt it. Ellerton will run to form here and prevaricate. You can guarantee that JE will never hand over his sworn deposition. It is damning.

His claims to Allenby at the time they accepted the “Hand-over file” are that this dispute was over a personal loan that went no further than that! JimmyLiar your company is on fire.

The Judges decision in the Dillabaugh V Ellerton May 2009 trial makes it abundantly clear that Ellerton’s defence was that he gave Mr Gary the IR/Company Secretary job as a way of paying back his personal loans. You can read it HERE Only an idiot or a BBLoon would try to interpret this any other way.

I hope for the sake of Allenby that they obtained an independent due diligence report on all the directors before taking on the fraud that is SER. Otherwise their reputation is in tatters.

Mr Harriss needs to remember that long after Jim swans off back to Hawaii laughing his cock off at how he duped all & sundry before him pocketing $10,000,000 million dollars in the process, that it will be Allenby that is left to face the music and the wrath of Investors.

I call Fraud on this company.




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