Solomon Gold. News. Take Note!

Beautiful Music of the Solomon Islands

I's a break-out about to Break-out?

Solomon Gold have been threatening to break out for the last 10 days or so.

They are on official Break out lists within most brokerages awaiting expected further good news!

Brokerages are well aware of the potential here they are fully conversant with the huge retail investor/institutional following this stock has had since coverage began.

Watchlist them! Gold fever is contagious!



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  1. spy says:

    hi, any chance when you send your blogs out you could include the ticker codes please?

  2. rbarton says:

    Dan–Some weeks ago you put up an NOTE on BOWLEVEN done some research
    loved what i saw and invested a large one!! only 190 million shares in issue !
    Kevin HART ceo( ex CAIRN ENERGY) speculation that he s very jiggy!
    The drillbit is hitting oil down the hole in Sapele-1 there could be a lot more to come
    when they hit the big prize in the Cretaceous epsilon targets- could be trasformational
    Kevin s words not mine .We could be looking at something big here !
    Once again the World s leading share Blog helps investors make a bit of money
    even in these tough trading times – well done . Rob

    • Brokerman says:

      Good company Bowleven. Well done.
      There up today?
      Not sure by how much but I did see a blue tick on the big screen as i was spilling my coffee.
      Good Luck


  3. MT says:

    Dan – really interested in your analysis of EOG. I pointed it out a couple of posts back and it’s hit oil in Romania today with some big opportunities coming up next year and beyond. Small market cap and huge potential i think but you seem to know the management and what the brokers are talking about so any insight appreciated!

  4. Chris says:

    BMD – ALO and CHC

    Just wondering if some comments could be made on these two.

    There seems to alot going on here at the moment and value to be had seeing ALO have just secured 5 new Gold and Uranium Licenses – with some exploratory work carried out already.

    Damien Conboy is worth keeping on eye with fingers in a alot of resource pies – also in the successful spot light recently through Strait Oil.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated