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Expect further good news here!

Just how much gold is there? That is the question taxing the minds here in the UK of retail and Institutional investors alike. It’s looking like the Bonanza Gold finds over at Solomon’s 100% owned Fauro Island Project in the Solomon Islands is set to continue with further HIGH GRADE results being mooted within the city of London. To say that the last set of figures released is impressive just doesn’t cut it. With trench and rock samples of up to 50 grams and 48 grams of gold per tonne the Fauro Island project is looking like a super BONANZA gold play for retail and institutional investors.

The blog can now report that the drilling team are rumoured to of finalised ALL further drilling locations.

With two teams set to be working 12 hour shifts around the clock it is known that Solomon want to progress their prospects as quickly as possible to further advance the stocks value.

Below is a snippet of the latest official news


·    Geological mapping and trenching continues over the Ballyorlo, Meriguna and Kiovakase Prospects.

·    BLEG and rock sampling continues over the other Fauro Prospects.

·    At Kiovakase Prospect, the highest gold rock chip was 50.2g/t.  The highest soil gold sample was 4.2g/t.

·    At the Meriguna Prospect, the highest gold rock chip was 48.6g/t.  The highest soil gold sample was 3.1g/t.

·    Trench results at Meriguna, BK9; 20m at 4.2g/t gold (incl. 6m at 11.63g/t gold and 2m at 5.04g/t gold).

·    UPD Solomons Limited appointed to commence first phase of 9,000m diamond core drilling on the Fauro Project by mid-December 2010.

·    11km2 IP survey over Meriguna, Bataha, Ballyorlo, Kiovakase and Northern Fauro planned.

But wait there’s more to come.

With the appointment of UPD which is seen as a canny appointment by Solomon due to UPD’s ability to work unhindered in remote locations. Their experience of the Solomon Islands should enable them to fast-track the 9000m diamond drilling programme which I might add is expected to vastly increase and quantify the gold bonanza to a SUPER bonanza!

The share-price is currently trading at 27p and looks way under-valued having already hit the dizzy heights of 85/6 pence which many think will be surpassed as the extent of this gold bonanza becomes known.

With gold on the rise and banks still struggling to shake off Global fears of a double dip it looks nailed on that Gold Fever is about to break out yet again in the coming weeks.

Watchlist Solomon Gold. Expected good news looks nailed on to me!

Big gains to be had.



NB Solomon is being tipped all over the city of London! Eyes on!

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  1. Goldbug says:

    You may know your stuff with regards to oil but SOLG isnt cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Look at the cost of drilling on Fauro, its very expensive.Rock chip samples are in no way a direct forerunner to what might come through actual drilling.
    Much better and cheaper developers/producers out there.

    • Brokerman says:

      Solomon Gold are threatening a break out. There is huge investor interest following the stock. There’s always better companys than the next one IE; Premier oil are better than Nautical, Nautical are better than Encore, Encore are better than Cove, Cove are better than Caza, Caza are better than Petroceltic etc etc
      Solomon are on a break out list with expected further good news.


  2. Punter says:

    thanks dan for pushing this back over 30p 🙂 Now lets see this baby stretch her legs!!

    Any rumour in the blogship about crackling rosie / rannes?

  3. Don-Antin says:

    This will be the stock of the year
    Trust me my mate Paul told me
    And what he says is always gooood

  4. Maz P says:

    Have to agree with Goldbug on this one. SOLGs market cap is far too high for its early stage assets. Got to be the most overvalued gold stock out there.

  5. Forest fred says:

    Ahoy BMD. Thanks for the heads up on this. Do you have any view on cluff gold, out of interest?