Encore Oil.. The Watchers!

Issues in Mental Health Nursing

Mentally challenged traders!

There’s an awful lot of emails backing up on why we haven’t updated on Encore Oil.

Well to be quite frank there’s nothing to update on!

You’ll all notice that there’s been nothing of any consequence reported or rumoured in the market other than the usual 3 month projections on stock-value. But what I will say is that the constant minute by minute watching of the stock isn’t good for the mental health of some over on the boards it seems that an overdose of unhinged ranting is afoot.

Encore oil have had a tremendous year their value has increased to a level that still doesn’t reflect their true worth.

This morning they dropped to 105p an absolute bargain given that they are sat on many, many millions of barrels of oil on two of their licenses with much more to come. They also have further potential with other assets which I am sure your all aware of. They are debt free and cash rich.  An awful lot of traders just don’t get it! The value here is NOT in a day-trade. Genuine investors should hold this stock awaiting the logical conclusion that will result in an sp of 300p.

Make no mistake here Encore’s board are proving up their company assets for a sale. Those that hold and ignore the meaningless utterances of the mentally challenged will reap the rewards!

Hold your stock. Ignore the Bashers. It is a question of time. When the news hits it will all be over in a nano second! Better in than out!



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  1. Mo says:

    Totally agree i with i was able to get in Eo but i am commited else where.
    People get frustrated over silly things. Nothing has changed its all in the weather. lol

    Good post Dan the Man.

    Hay can you check out BMR ? Berkely Minerel?


  2. alexis says:

    too many emotional investers here, just stick it out for a month or 2, dont want to stick it out? Then just sell after rig move at £1.40+…..simple

  3. pwoodroffe says:

    Please can you post your rationale for valuation of 300p given Encore have only 15% of Catcher and 16% of Cladham. I am not doubting you just want to see your rationale.
    Thanks in anticipation

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s the general consensus within the city based on catcher/Cladhan,egdon etc When an analysis is undertaken on potential takeover price The city take into account the current and expected value of ALL their assets. Not just Cladhan/Catcher present values. Go through all of Encores assets which should give you a flavour of the expected value vis-a-vis the company.


  4. i dan/ what is your thoughts on xel /things seem to be confusing ?so much chatter ,/do you have any news /regards robert/

    • alexis says:

      hold, full of morons over on the boards. You will make your money once operational issues are sorted…easy money

  5. dan/ any news yet on xel /regards robert /help//////

  6. peaches says:

    Great article as always Daniel. Thanks your opinions are much valued.

  7. Chris says:


    Just wondering if some comments could be made on these two.

    There seems to alot going on here at the moment and value to be had seeing ALO have just secured 5 new Gold and Uranium Licenses – with some exploratory work carried out already.

    Damien Conboy is worth keeping on eye with fingers in a alot of resource pies – also in the successful spot light recently through Strait Oil.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated