Petroceltic International. Gramacho30

Mmm...warm fresh bread

Best served fresh!

Lots of emails and requests asking for an opinion on an amateur research-note released by a poster on III. Gramacho30

Far be it for me to opine an opinion however. There’s no mention of the AT-8 RESULT NEITHER IS THERE ANY MENTION OF CURRENT capex OR OPERATING LOSS. Or indeed the recent appointment of Geoff Probert as  Head of Tech gets no mention which leads me to the conclusion that the “note” was written several weeks back probably 12/15 sept’ last month. The company as all will know have moved significantly onwards from that point in time. No reference to the psc Isarene partners Sonatrach holding a 25% stake. I could go on and on pulling it to pieces but there’s no point. The note does contain errors and omissions and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment. However it’s quite a good read as it does contain lots of factual information even if it is a wee bit out of date. Well done Gramacho30. Why he never released it last month but choose today to do so is a mystery. Broker notes/research are akin to loaves of bread they need to be fresh AND IN DATE.



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  1. provestor says:

    Please update us on aminex mate. It plummeted today. way oversold

  2. tsubie says:

    Aminex will continue to plunge in this environment till positive news surfaces.

  3. LuckyLuke says:

    Yeah it’s about 4 weeks out, old info IMHO. It’s on the hubshite obviously hub thought he’d get more traffic looks like he’s made a right boo-boo it doesn’t say its 4 weeks old either sad really trying to hoodwink Privateers by posting old info. Doesn’t surprise me check out the infamous Hotlist every single share down by over 60% none in profit since the day they were listed. Lmao
    Keep up the great work Daniel

    • Bob says:

      Lucky luke if you can do better then why don’t you start your own blog or web site???

  4. oildude says:

    Daniel your an idiot , and in all honesty clueless, good luck with the site though

    • Jonesy says:

      “Clueless” Then why are you subscribed+visiting the site?Obviously a secret Dan fan.

      Keep it coming Dan always great to read your blogs.

  5. Proactiveman says:

    Yes I agree Oildude Dans an idiot for answering his subscribers emails and pointing out that Grams so called research is in fact over 3 weeks old & inaccurate AT-6 was actually a succes Grams got it reading like it’s a duster Hub (Mr Dafty) has made a right rick publishing & not explaining that its actually nearly a month old. Lots of jealousy out there Dan hope you can wade through it.
    Love the site will be subscribing to the new one too.
    Be Lucky
    Proactive subscriber