Xcite…. Oil flowing!

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FTAlphaville Editor Neilanderthal

Great days are here.

News circulating that the oil is flowing at the Bentley field, Tanker/s are on site.

News is being sought here re’  re-ratings that are rumoured to be under way!


Hold your stock for the news.

It is going mental! You’ve got to laugh at the institutions buying in now. And to think they could of had these at 80p!

Bin Man Dan strikes again!


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No Responses

  1. kennyb says:

    Have you got your ears to the ground regarding MTA?

  2. great news dan/regards rob

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks for that Dan…. good luck with the house/flat move. If you need a hand with moving some of your boxes drop me a line its the least I can do…

    As Mr Burns says “Xel…lent”

  4. alex says:

    I’m really getting to know the meaning of long term investment with MTA…O_O

  5. OILBUG says:


    we sould get RNS on Monday to drilling results regarding xel

    then another on flow test the following week. Is this correct ????

    Also note a strong rumour that xel will drill another sidetrack on jurrasic oil play below Bentley as the traget of 15ft was at the very fringe of jurassic thus limited thickness. This would if drilled increase considerably the share price. we would have two oil plays stacked above each other at 100% interest.

    Would like your thoughts ??????????????

  6. Rosalimacat says:

    Gcm Dan. Looking good.

  7. Bill says:

    I currently have Encore shares which you tipped. They seem likely to go up when the next catcher well spuds. Is it worth selling some Encore to buy some Xcite at this time? Bill

  8. Bill says:

    Thanks for replying Dan. I think I will play safe and stick with Encore. Xcite is exciting and may do very well, but the RNS is certainly not guaranteed to be good!!!

  9. 13thMonkey says:

    This is potentially very exciting, but I guess a cautious person may say that we have little/no completely solid news at the moment. Thinking of taking a bit of profit…

  10. bobbyshafto says:

    dandaman watch around 3pm.

    General tones are the sidetrack has unearthed way way more than first thought. Look at the shares and tell us all it’s not true! I’m thinking this is over 500p by Tuesday.

  11. bernie says:

    hi dan, did you manage to speak with your people about Matra this afternoon?

  12. kennyb says:

    Also Dan,you kindly looked at DXR for me a couple of months ago,they had a mad day last week when management after cleaning the cash shell sold at a premium,it seems like we are now prime for reverse takeover,do you think this is the case?