There’s an awful lot of emails backing up in the administrator email address.

It’s quite impossible to answer every ones query individually.

So I’ll do it with a post.

Everything that has been posted on Xcite has come to pass. As for an entry-level well that is the responsibility of each investor but in my opinion pre test flow news any thing under the current Arbuthnot securities latest target represents good value.

My opinion is that 300p is just around the corner and 400/500p has a very real possibility of being hit on a bullish run. I base this on a full analysis of their current OIP which as you all know is way below general market consensus. Take into account what companies are currently on board here, the latest noises coming out of Xcite,and the weight of expectation not from Private Investors but market expectation which I might add is growing stronger by the day. Xcite are well over their half of the 65 day drill time which most accept is a red herring and that news of one sort or another will certainly be with us within a matter of days rather than weeks.

I can’t keep constantly updating on any one stock until there is news to report. Suffice it to say that ALL known events are in the public domain. Research as much as you can to get a better understanding of how this stock will behave in the coming days/weeks. Rumours of Knutsen Tanker being filled with heavy oil are as yet unconfirmed. Google earth wont help but a telephone call to Knutsen may. The stock is as we speak trending up on a daily basis and I expect this to continue as we inch ever closer to news.

Hold for the news it will fly up!


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  1. Joseph says:

    Dan this is looking really good thx for your efforts . Any more thoughts on gcm regarding the protest and the breaking of the 2006 agreement not to open the mine and removal of gcm employees . If the deal is done can it be undone ?

  2. Tim says:

    Dan – I agree with you on XEL. Although there is still risk there and everyone should be made aware of that.

    On Max Petroleum a few days ago you recommended them and they have now sunk? A loss of 30+% to anyone who brought. And I think you mentioned this as a short-term buy (as well as maybe a long-term old for those interested in this kind of investment). Is your opinion still unchanged on Max?

    This is not critique, much of what you have said has been very helpful. Still we can’t get it right all the time and caution is often necessary.

    • Brokerman says:

      I think Max hit 34p a couple of days after the post on a decent drilling update. It’s a funny old thing the market.
      Max are certainly one to watch,like most sma;ll cap exploerers they are subject to profit taking. I do expect them to continue to trend up over the next 6 months.
      But again it’s up to each investor to decide on a hold or sell.


  3. Andy says:

    Agree Dan the market is a funny place – as wr can see from the desire price. All these people living in a fool’s paradise. I am just about to look at triple plate junction which you looked at some months ago. I wondered if you had any more up to date views on this stock?

  4. Sonola says:

    Hi Dan
    Don’t know if it tells us anything about how things are going or when to expect news, but I just received a text from a friend who works for an ESP company, and he tells me he’s going to Bentley on 7th Nov to do some DST testing.
    Not much idea what this means but hopefully it’s good news.

  5. Barnstonpickle says:

    Dan,Dan Dan well done my man.
    You are a true warrior.
    Spot on yet again fella!
    Hey Init weird mate every time your proved right and lets face it its most of the time the creeps over on iii always say “everybody knew that any way” funny thing is they never say it before the rises like you do they only ever say it after what a load of mugs!
    You are responsible for making more money for investors online than any other Chat or blog site. You must of made people millions of dollars. Jesus ive made nearly 50k in the last 6 months the missus is over the moon went out and bought here a spanker of a car brand fecking new seat ibiza
    I owe you big time my life has really gone smashing having an extension on me kitchen done . I cordially invite you round for our New Years eve shindig.
    I know you wont come but if there’s any thing i can do for you let us know? There’s a few hundred quid here for you just email me your addy and it’ll be in a registered enevelope within the hour. Hey i’m serious mate!
    We cant thank you enough.
    God Bless you Brokerman you are a gifted genuine bloke i only wish i could shake your hand a true online gentleman.


  6. Aj says:

    Your a popular guy Dan, congratulations with the blog and keep up the good work.

  7. LT says:

    Dan, you have gone very quiet on Matra? It’s been over a month since you promoted them.

  8. bobbyshafto says:

    todays rns needs to be seriously looked at as proof they’re ahead with plans and the oil is pumping. This is £8 stock for £2 at the moment, amazing.