Gulf Keystone. There is a war raging here.

  • There's a war going on here.

Contrary to what some fools post over on the boards there is a full bloodied insurgency enveloping Iraq.

When a bomb detonates in any part of the Middle East, let alone Iraq, the effects reverberate around the world. All companies whether they be oil explorers or food distributors are effected. The very fact that Sinopec, GKP,Hunt oil,DNO, Addax, and Genel Enerji are all known to have invested heavily in security is proof positive. Some foolish investors will always remain blinkered driven by their maniacal belief that they know better than the organisations listed below (click on the links)

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The recent sojourn by several institutions to GKP’s holding in Kurdistan to assess the company’s performance was heavily policed by the company. Security guards were en-masse! The cost of which was met by GKP.

Make no mistake here i am a very big fan of GKP and fully expect the sp to continue to rise on takeover/production news, however i feel  duty bound to point out that the ONLY reason why Gulf Keystones’ share price is currently struggling to break 130p is the very incontrovertible truth that there is a full bloodied insurgency being played out right before our very eyes. To deny this fact by continually posting throw away unsupported guff on the boards is reprehensible.

Fact; it costs over $4000 to be driven from Baghdad airport to the Green-zone.

Fact; travel between Baghdad and Kurdistan by land for any westerner is a no-go.

Fact; No westerner can walk freely around any region of Iraq with-out armed guards; including Kurdistan!

I could go on and on but feel there’s no point knocking if there’s no one at home.

Do not be fooled by this so-called withdrawal. It is as we here in the city know only a paper withdrawal purely for the great unwashed. The USA/UK will be involved in Iraq for the next 10/20 years. The bombs will continue to explode and all companies involved will be effected!

The rubbish continually posted online by a minority of ill-equipped intellectually challenged morons should be ignored.

Always research your investments and decide when to take profit, it is your investment not theirs!

This article is specifically pointing out why GKP’s share price is were it is!


PS We all want GKP to succeed but to continually post mis-leading ***** on internet chat forums is nothing short of criminal.

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  1. oil man says:

    you have been banging on for months about how fantastic gkp are at £1 when the insurgents were bombing daily.You never mentioned concern then and the fact that you do now makes me doubt your agenda.

    • Brokerman says:

      I am merely pointing out why GKP’s share price is where it currently is.
      I am a big fan of the company and hold stock.
      I do appreciate your post but feel you like me should look at GKP in the round. The reason for the recent posts are topical ie; Disinformation continually posted online. USA troop withdrawals and the effect it is having on middle east plays.
      If GKP were in any other part of the world the sp would be in excess of 500p.
      GKP are a fantastic play and gains will be a plenty but God forbid bombs start going off in Kurdistan.


  2. Barnstonpickle says:

    Well said Dan.
    Its really annoying having to read the crap of double posters working on III and Lse.
    Cretins beware Dan’s got you rumbled.


  3. oil man says:

    i am fully aware of the situation both politicaly and gkp based as should most holders,the point im making is that nothing has changed on that front and your articles come across as though it suddenly got worse.gkp price has only just broken out of a low trading range and scaremongering will only weaken this further.

    • Brokerman says:

      You need to research any investment fully. That is to say look at your investments Warts and all!
      Just because part of the play doesn’t sit comfortably with you, that shouldn’t be a reason to bury your head in the sand. Look at your stock objectively and try to work out why they are where they are, Instead of refusing to confront a simple truth.

    • Mongoose says:

      Of course things have changed it’s all over the news oilman the yanks are pulling out of combat ops and hoping the iraqis can take up the slack.
      your post is wide of the mark.

      Danial youve opened up a hornets nest people just don’t want to face the truth iraq is a unholy cock up lets see what happens when an IED explodes in Kurdistan.

  4. Notadanfan says:

    I am not a big fan of yours but this post is correct.
    War is acting like an anchor on the sp


  5. AIMisexciting says:

    Around May time I became fed up with giving banks my money and decided to invest it myself. Sitting around +30% by doing my own research but with much needed pointers from blogs plus straining out the idiots on the many BB’s.

    What I don’t understand is why people come on with stuff like “I’m not a fan but…”. The work that goes into compiling a post like this is significant. So read it, draw your own conclusions and be happy!

    • Citytrader says:

      Yeah i couldn’t agree more. We need to look at this post for what it is an excellent riposte rebuffing online idiots who couldn’t run to the toilet never mind be objective.
      I read this post and fully appreciate it the effort that has gone into it. Must of took the guy days with all the links posted.
      And lets not miss the point that what he’s saying is a self evident truth. The war is as one poster says is acting like an anchor on the sp.

      Still the idiots and double blag subscribers on the chat sites will be doing cart wheels trying to undermine a factually accurate article supported by more links than a chain.
      It seems some posters sat in their crackers in their bedrooms think they know more than Reuters,Cnn,Newswire,Bbc and even the CIA. Deluded posters like Ginty, mikeyadmin, heartsofatlantis,miopus. giveus all a bad name.
      Keep up the good work Dan ripping these idiots to pieces.

      • miopus says:

        Hardly an objective post written by you though. Also childish and highly offensive to serious investors which does not help your cause.

        Perhaps you would like to enlighten us (without resorting to the offensiveness of your last post) with what exactly you find wrong with researching more than one financial site ?

        • Brokerman says:

          Just exactly what do you find offensive?
          Please enlighten me particulary as you and other posters have recently over the last month or so been continually posting abusive and offensive remarks (which i might add have been forwarded to me via many emails) over several web sites?

          Strange as it may seem Miopus you need to read the full article which states that i am still in GKP.

          Please remember that several posters over on the boards that you have used to post abuse re’ this blog are the subject of legal action.


          • miopus says:

            My reply was to “Citytrader”. My objection is to the comment “deluded posters like ‘miopus’ give us all a bad name”.

            I am not deluded.

          • Brokerman says:

            Considering the amount of abuse you have been personally responsible for posting/instigating over the last month how can you object to a poster on here calling you deluded?


          • miopus says:

            I simply state the truth, unlike some.

          • Phil says:

            Yeah move along the bus sonny jim. I ve read loads of your nasty comments and swear words about our danny!
            You and ya nasty clique have been effing and jeffin like the big bad wolf for months about this blog.
            you should be ashamed of yaself.
            grow up and act like a man instead of a spoilt brat.

            Phil the boxer.

  6. Bono says:

    the cat is amongst the pigeons on iii. advfn lse
    i bet your laughing ya socks off at them.
    Hows the stats today dan?
    Through the roof i expect mate.
    Great stuff give ’em both barrels.


  7. Gentlelovemaking says:


    why the sudden turnaround? open a short on friday?


  8. Ssh-Andy says:

    I rest my case

    We all want GKP to succeed but to continually post mis-leading shite on internet chat forums is nothing short of criminal.

  9. Acorns says:

    And don’t forget GKP & SEY’s close proximity to Iran.

    If Iran were to launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel, before they are ready to knock out Iran, all hell would break loose.

    Imagine what that would do to the SP of oil companies in the Middle East!

    However, as a consolation the price of oil would rocket upwards, so all is not lost

  10. Phil says:

    So its alright for you to use abusive words and personal insults over months and months then when you get pulled about it your defense is “I simply state the truth” says a lot about you that kid!
    You must be deludeed if you think that holds water.
    You should move along now,, nothing happening here for the likes o u!


  11. LSE guy says:

    Miopussy i’m on lse and some of the posts you and mikeyt fartsofatlantis an the rest of your cronies have been posting is disgraceful.
    Why dont you have the balls to admit it your a two faced poster.
    were sick of it im goin to personally go through all your posts and report them.
    stick that in your pipe and smoke it ya two faced get.


    Dan filter this sucker.

    • miopus says:

      Enjoy ! I like the one about the morse code – “Matt says Hey” best because it sums up NTOG. My posts are often quite tongue in cheek so I hope you appreciate my rather off beat humour !

  12. EthelredTheEarly says:

    Dan I am a fan and believe you to be fair and honest, your take on GKP opens up the risks of investing in countries with political instability, GKP holder also.

  13. Sandra Macreedy says:

    Hi Dan,
    Love the blog i’m actually now in profit with EO.
    Thanks for your articles on them helped to point me in the right direction.
    When do you think 100p will be reached?
    Scotslass is holding out for 120p is that realistic?


  14. dj says:

    There’s a low-level insurgency in parts of Iraq – but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to produce oil in the country. Oil is produced in Angolia, Nigeria and all sorts of other places – you just invest in security, that’s all. Basically oil has to be got wherever it is.

  15. Americanabroad says:

    Jesus you guys are at war here on the internet. its bad enough people are being blown to bits over in iraq/afganistan.
    Some of you guys should grow up and stop behaving like you are the bees knees when it comes to market investments. Basically i see it this web blog is one of the more sophisicated on the blogsphere its content is read by thousands of investors from around the world. If we’d of all bought half of the shares spoken about on here we’d be thousands of $$$$$$$$ ahead of the game. But we didn’t thats down to our fear and lack of greenbacks.
    Give us a break from inane debate. i’m here to make spondullas.


  16. Jim Quinn. says:

    Looks like you’ve been the victim of the LSE/III Commandos, Dan.
    Do I also detect a detachment of the ‘I am deeply offended by your remarks’ PC brigade?
    What I can’t understand is why, if they are so easily ‘offended’ by different viewpoints do they ever leave the comfort of their spin zones.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. floydy says:

    UN to hold world peace festival in Erbil
    Monday, September 6th 2010 10:27 AM

    Erbil, Sept. 6 (AKnews) – The United Nations will hold a world peace festival in Kurdistan Region’s capital, Erbil, for the first time in the city’s history, said a press release by Erbil’s provincial administration.

    The details of the festival were discussed on Sunday in a meeting between Erbil’s governor, Nawzad Hadi and the head of the Erbil branch of the U.N. mission in Iraq, Morek Henderson.

    Erbil was selected to host the event in Iraq due to its stability and good security, the statement said.

    Although large parts of Iraq have been engulfed in violence since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Kurdistan’s cities have been mostly spared the bloodshed.

    Reported by Hawar Baziyan

  18. Ron Medellin says:

    UN to hold world peace festival in Erbil (errr that’s in Kurdistan isn’t it?)

  19. Citytrader says:

    Really enjoyed the read Dan. Some just can’t get over their jealous rage.
    The post tells us all that your still holding Gkp yet according to the morons on iii you’ve sold. It also says you really like the company and you are a fan. yet the anti dan brigade ginty,miopuss,bwana,mikyadmin,chopper*name says it all*post crap about you having a short.
    Some real twisted people on iii. Yes theres a war going on but some some would have us believe that the Taliban are running round with paintball guns and spraying graffiti. The mind boggles?

    Great post top blog and excellent informative posts on Encore,Nautical,Premier,Gkp,Vernalis,Pyc,Lloyds,Rockhopper,Matra,Pxs,HotTuna,Millwallholdings,Char,Minerva etc etc Blah Blah Blah
    Keep it coming.
    I for one am grateful.


    • miopus says:

      Can I make it clear that if I were anti-Dan I woud not be holding some of the stock which he endorses. We all have different opinions and on one or two, he has been spectactularly, and publically wrong.

      I find his posts fascinating.

      However, I also have a lot of time for ginty and mikeyadmin etc – whom you are currently slating.

      I do a lot of research.

  20. Citytrader says:

    F.A.O. Mr Miopus.

    I am an institutional trader who works at Collins Stewart Wealth Management.
    There are in total 16 professional day traders working in UK stocks on behalf of our charitable clients. We use a system known as arbitage as well as a variety of trading tools much of which; analytical software,multiple news feeds,sources, large amounts of capital, leverage, expensive reports,software spots and much more are designed to assist us when investing client funds.
    Trading tools,newscharts dealing desks in reality are there to give the company an edge over the market trying to spot trends,potential rises,falls.
    In all my career with all the above freely available to me to use i can honestly state that i have made some howlers as has every single trader in my office.
    But we have never lowered ourselves to the level of the gutter trying to blame others for our mistakes.
    This dan hasn’t made any wrong calls other than Tower resources and i am well up on how the whole market was mis lead by the hydrocarbon shows that were leaked to the city by Evolution Securities.

    When this blog releases a post the city of London tunes into it.
    It’s certainly on the pulse. Whoever Dan is and where ever he/she is does not concern me or my colleagues. The quality of the articles is second to none.
    The blog is regulation reading in my office.
    But to keep posting slurs and insults online about a chap/lady that has helped thousands of investors actually to get a glimpse of news before it hits the stock market is a rather sad reflection on your self. Shame on you.


    • miopus says:

      But you yourself have posted slurs on ginty, chopper etc etc.

      Dan has posted slurs on NTOG – I suppose this, in your opinion is OK is it ?

      • miopus says:

        Can I suggest that we all refrain from calling people on other discussion boards morons whenever we feel like it, and accept that Dan’s blog contains some excellently researched and well written information for us to consider.

  21. Steve Jones says:

    were do you miopussy get off from? Dan wrote his opinions on ntog on HISSS blog! Just cause youve got hammered throwing money into the ntog dog doesnt give you the right to dictate to people on their web sites what they should or shouldnt write and it certainlt dont give you the right to post criminal slurs all over the frigging internet.
    This is DANS BLOG. I’ll say it again loud and clear THIS IS DANIELS BLOG!
    Now sod off and dont come back.


    • miopus says:

      I haven’t posted any criminal slurs.

      What’s more – what do you think gives you the right to tell anyone to sod off – on Dan’s blog or anywhere else ?

      Incidentally – you are again wrong in you assumptions – I did not get ‘hammered’.