Encore/Nautical. Catcher/Kraken/Cladhan.

Transocean Galaxy ii Rig







This week is a VERY important one re’ the above two companies.Institutional investors who have already taken positions in both company’s are thought to be expecting major news this week. Encores AGM (which has had a change of venue) this week may well provide an upbeat commentary on the state of play thus far. There can only be positive news from the Board which should enhance the sp. The Cladhan news on wire-logging is known to be completed and there should be an increase re’ the oil column figures, so it is very important that Encore investors focus on this week.The Catcher drill which the company pencilled in for the middle of this month coincides with the AGM, coincidence or not the Galaxy rig is now in situ.

Once the spud has been confirmed by the operator (Encore) then some believe that the sp of the companies involved can only increase. I think that Encores’ sp certainly has a long way to go a doubling is quite literally very possible bearing in mind that Catcher AND Cladhan still have not yet been fully quantified a minimum 200p has been set here within the city as the bottom book figure!

Nautical are in my opinion still trading at a significant discount as to where they should be. Price targets of 600p often quoted by Brokerages will almost certainly increase with any further oip increases re’ Catcher. When the FDP’s are approved for Kraken, Catcher,Mariner the whispers here are that Nautical could be trading at £10! Yes that’s a massive hike from where they currently are.

So keep your fingers on the pulse and focus on your investments.

As always please research your investments.




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  1. robert says:

    cheers dan your the top man regards/keep up the great work/rob/

  2. TJI says:

    Thanks dan …. u the man !!!!

  3. James says:

    Thanks for the heads up here Dan.
    I’m over the moon having top spliced EO bought them at 57p sold at 138p and now have a 5000 free stock carry having got back my initial stake with some profit to boot.
    I did check them out took me a few days was a bit pissed ‘ the time as they were 51p when i got the post forwarded to me by my mate Pickle.
    still am chuffed.
    by the by i made a £100 donation to Help 4 heroes!


  4. Jimmy Jango says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for the heads up… hey any news on Desire Petroleum. you have never said anything about them

    • 13thMonkey says:

      Desire are currently drilling the Rachel prospect, news expected at the end of October. Then they’re going to drill another one or two wells in the same region I think.

      Having said that Dan, I’d also be quite interested in your overall opinions on RKH, DES and ARG.

      Thanks once again for an interesting post- fingers crossed on EO.

  5. Aj says:

    Hi Dan,

    One for you which maybe of interest is ‘Kefi Minerals’ ticker ‘KEFI’. In Saudi Arabia KEFI Minerals has lodged a total of 21 Exploration Licence Applications (“ELAs”) covering an area of approximately 2,100km2. Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Ministry for Mineral Resources has completed site visits at six of the 21 ELAs to date. The Company expects the imminent granting of one exploration licence and has been informed that five other licences are at an advanced stage of process and are anticipated to be granted in the near future.

    The first license is expected to show a re-rating of the company’s share price. The company is also fully funded for at least 12 months and their partner in Saudi Arabia is ‘Sheik’ Abdul Rahman Saad Al Rashid who recently came in at number ‘42’ in the ”RICH LIST” 2009.

    The news of the granting of the 1st significant exploration license is due imminently.

    ‘Kefi Minerals’ is defiantly a company to look very closely at.



  6. LT says:

    How’s about an update on Matra Dan??
    Can’t host this on the Matra section so trying here……..