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Encore/Nautical.  Catcher/Kraken/Cladhan.

Encore/Nautical. Catcher/Kraken/Cladhan.

Transocean Galaxy ii Rig             This week is a VERY important one re’ the above two companies.Institutional investors who have already taken positions in both company’s are thought to...

Encore oil  News in!

Encore oil News in!

Yes as foretold here the news is and was in! Great result 200p will certainly be hit here in the very near future. Expect a 150p minimum hit before the end of the week....

Cladhan. News in. As foretold here!

Cladhan. News in. As foretold here!

Well as you all know the news here is good. The oil has been encountered. Reuters have Cladhan down for 200 million barrels probably more to come. Daniel // <![CDATA[// Regulatory Story Go to...