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Herculean effort


Well it finally looks like  some in the market are now turning their attention to Leni.

Alerted here at 8.05am.

News is now being sought re’ this company. When market brokerages get the bit between the teeth you can be assured that pressure is being brought to bear on Leni for information which may result in a company announcement being forced from Leni.

Of course Leni are heavily investing in their Spanish assets vis-a-vis production infrastructure. Some would have you believe that this spending isn’t indicative of a company that are having to make a Herculean effort to bring about  transformational production and asset potential. The writing is on the wall here.

A Billion Boe potential needs to be properly managed which is WHY Leni are spending on infrastructure!

Wake up and smell the coffee. This is straight from the Leni epistle of 30th Sept 2010.

Increase in Spain resources to 174 mmboe mean STOIIP of the existing eleven prospects

·      Identification of two new substantial oil and gas prospects in Spain with potential for a possible total Company in-country resource base of 1 billion boe.


·      Expand production base in Spain with two producing assets

·      Increase processing capacity in Spain for delivering sales oil to multiple customers

·      Commence oil sales to BP and other new customers

·      Deliver on the initial stages of the revised Spain exploitation strategy for both production and exploration assets

·      Increase reserves and resources in Spain with full appraisal of the new prospects

·      Complete new agreement for enhanced oil recovery projects in Spain

·      Complete new agreement for appraisal of deeper resources

·      Expand production base in GoM with three producing assets

·      Increase production capacity of the Eugene Island field

·      Initiate production of Ship Shoal and South Marsh Island developments

·      Exercise options in GoM for direct working interests in additional development assets

·      Commence new production licence in Trinidad

·      Expand production capacity of the Icacos field

·      Commence subsurface surveys of Trinidad prospects for future exploitation

·      finalize pre-drilling plans for first Malta exploration and appraisal well

David Lenigas, Executive Chairman, commented:

“The last six months have seen progress across all areas of operations, most notably including the identification of two potentially company transforming new prospects in Spain. We have also seen a pleasing increase in reserves and resources on our Gulf of Mexico acreage and good pre drill activity in Malta. Over the next reporting period, the Company is planning to accelerate development plans in all countries, especially Spain, to have multiple producing assets in both Spain and the Gulf of Mexico, to progress appraisal of the deeper prospectivity and exploration prospects in Spain, to commence production expansion operations in Trinidad, and to have sufficiently progressed the pre-drilling plans in Malta to commence well planning.”

So here we have the executive Chairman telling the market that Leni have two possible COMPANY TRANSFORMING ASSETS!  Yet we still have investors and naysayers posting nonsense! Of course it will not happen over-night it will take many years with the company hitting the buffers many times. Placings galore with the usual dilution along the way this is the way of AIM stock. Decide to invest or trade?



NB; The blog does not tell investors to buy any stock it points out potential and asks those interested to FULLY RESEARCH and decide on the merits.

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No Responses

  1. Christian Fox says:


    I hold LGO from average 2p levels.

    It has been very good for me but I have a share that could out do LGO’s gains and that company is Ascent Resources, AST.

    Broker targets for AST are all over 20p and CORE NAV is 27pps. UN-RISKED targets are well in excess of 100pps.

    Stupid thing is AST are currently only 4.25p to buy, near an all time low but late 2010/early 2011 should be a busy drilling period for the company and AST has always multi bagged between spud and drill results leaving an oppurtunity to either sell all for multi bag gains or top slice for a free carry, or if you have balls of steel, run it all.

    Here are the broker reports for AST, it’s well worth checking out as I think the gains could be better than LGO and 20p is the first target, 5 x bagger.



  2. ken123rose says:

    I believe David Lenigas is a Director of a number of Companies.

    Is you brokerage aware of (any) others where he has been successful?


  3. bob says:


    Have you got any whispers of fresh news re Encore – It appeards to be on a daily retrace and the 150 – 200 seems a long way off now?

  4. LGO says:

    Daniel, on a serious note how far do you think this can now go over the short/mid/long term?

    Bought in at 2p ages ago, finally paying off. 🙂

  5. The things you have discussed about in this post which are supposed to be very helpful for us. Because of these wonderful information in this post the blog can be viewed again and again.

  6. SolaKing says:

    Welldone on your honest and insightful posts and information which you willingly shares with us who are interested and do appreciate them. Do you mind if I request that you be my mentor in investing please? I am next to a novice in this area.
    Cheers, SK

    • metoo! says:

      Dan if you could help me in any waysimilar to solarking i’d be ever so grateful.
      it seems that i always get caught out, sell to soon or buy to high. how can i avoid this?

      • 13thMonkey says:

        If you look through the blog guys, there’s lots of advice of how to deal with this. You’ll never buy at the lowest or sell at the highest, all you can do is research and go in at a level you’re comfortable with, then be happy whenever you make a profit, even if it wasn’t the biggest profit you could have made in retrospect.

        If you haven’t already, read the MUST READ article (link at the top of the page)- it’s really good.

        The info on the blog is really useful, but don’t expect Dan to be able to tell you exactly where the peaks and troughs will be- he’s not a miracle worker (close, maybe) 😉

  7. AIMisexciting says:

    Been with you for a while Dan and your pointers and my research have been fruitful so thanks again!

    As the popularity of your blog has increased, I have noticed (by my untrained eye) that a sp spike often follows a blog post. Have you noted this as well? It makes perfect sense, and is this something that a small PI should be wary of?

    • Brokerman says:

      I don’t think the small tick up on Leni could classed as a spike. As i really feel that it is still way under value. Encore post today and they are down. Some times a rise coincides with a post other times it doesn’t. I only wish investing was that easy! I’d be a billionaire!

      Good luck and keep your eyes on PELE. (Lets see if they spike now)


  8. John Whittle says:


    You are right on Ascent Resources (AST),the free carry deal they got for Switzerland (a big lump of cash and then the right to farm in “AFTER” any oil/gas find) was superb and drilling is due are year end to Q1 2011. The broker reports make no account for Swiss upside which would be in the realms of 70p per share if it comes in.

    On top of that you have Anagni in Italy where permitting to drill is ongoing and this is an oil accumulation that on its own could seriously rerate AST as AST is so small.

    But their main play is Slovenia where this again has the potential to rerate the share price by significant amounts.

    The last results out recently revealed AST swung into profit (how many profitable small cap oil companies are there) and on top of that cash generation from Hungary you get a number of multibag potentials with it.

    Profitable small company with 3 multibagging assets that are ALL DUE TO DRILL in the coming 6 months.

    Remarkable potential !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last three RNS are,

    Got more cash in the bank for the Swiss deal



    Interim results and into profit



    Latest one being “Director Buys Shares”,a very positive sign.


    Good luck Christian and hopefully AST will be one of the biggest multibaggers of the AIM in 6 months time.

  9. 360 says:

    Hmm – its lost all its gains Dan – are you still positive?? Hope it wasnt a pump and dump…..

  10. SolaKing says:

    Hi 360,
    Sorry if I am interrupting as you did not direct this at me but to Daniel. If I clearly remember though, he did not say buy, he said put it in your watchlist. I did buy at 4.25p and could have sold with gain but did not. I sold yesterday at 4.1p and moved the money into something else for now.
    So to be fair to Daniel, he has not induced anyone to buy IMVHO.
    On the sideline, I bought some more EO. when I saw it yoyo’ing without cause. Although did not catch it at the very bottom which was 102p but did get close by buying at 104p.
    Leni will come good and I am watching it very closely and will try to get in hopefully very close to the bottom.
    Cheers, SK.