Premier Foods. New Improved Hovis Bread!

Yes I can now exclusively reveal to the Blogosphere that Premier foods are launching a new improved Hovis loaf.


Hovis Mouse Bread

The Blog has pulled out ALL the stops to give you this world exclusive!

After many phone calls and emails BrokermanDaniel has spared no expense in his fight for share-holders the world over to find out the secrets of the new improved Hovis loaves

Yes one DEAD MOUSE per Hovis! Tail also included!

What an offer how could any customer refuse to eat Hovis!

Premier foods are currently trading at 17P while new improved Hovis Mouse bread costs just 79p! What a deal .

So the next time your spreading the marmalade on the toast spare a thought for all those organic mice who have sacrificed them-selves just for your toast and marmalade!

Well done to PREMIER FOODS what great products keep up the good work!

And now we know why your bread price is increasing!

*Not long now before share-holder value returns here*

Next new product whisper……….. Roast human turds in crispy Batter!!!

Pass the marmalade!


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  1. GTDRVR says:


  2. mouse says:

    Looks like a long lost relative of mine.

    Had me in fits of laughs.

    Short this stock 2morrow.

  3. Aj says:

    Hi Dan,

    Hope alls well and congratulations on the continuing success of your blog and new Twitter page. I’ve a little share that may interest you. The company in question is called Edenville Energy (Ticker code EDL) and they trade on the aim market.

    Now for abit of info. The company’s share capital comprises 2,987,883,072 shares but here’s the interesting part there is only 12.1% of the share capital available to the public. This leaves just 361,533,851.712 shares available for the public to purchase.

    There have recently been two very interesting articles in both the Daily Mail on Saturday and the Guardian, which mentioned the potential for Edenville Energy to have 100 million tonnes of thermal coal. The comment was of a potential takeover and also a potential target price of 8 pence per share.

    The links are below –

    Daily Mail article – Dated September 11th 2010

    The Guardian article – Dated September 11th 2010

    Simon Rollason, Chairman of Edenville stated in the recent Rukwa coal field update on the 10th September that the company would be announcing results from the Edenville coal portfolio in the near future.

    So potentially news soon and as quoted in the Daily Mail – Edenville roared up more than 16pc, gaining 0.12p to 0.9p, but one trader is already talking about a target price of 8p.

    I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and if you’ve heard any similar price targets.

    Keep up the good work.



  4. Bubbles says:

    This is old news – it was all over the news Monday. Dan’s 24 hours too late on this one; in fact PFD’s share price closed slightly up today (Tues)

    Gotta admit that the mouse does look ‘brown bread’ though.

  5. Bubbles says:

    also… this mouse incident happened back in January 2009> It’s only back in the news because of the fine being issued.

    I am not a shareholder or employee of PFD – just adding some balance as I am only too aware of the number of readers and influence of this blog.