Rockhopper Rns. Flow Test Results.


Here’s the TODAYS rns IN FULL. Makes good reading seems the rumours flying around were in effect true.

Rockhopper Exploration plc

(“Rockhopper” or the “Company”)

14/10-5 Appraisal well update – flow test result

Rockhopper Exploration, the North Falkland Basin oil and gas exploration company, is pleased to provide the following update on the flow test carried out at well 14/10-5.

·    Well flowed at commercially viable rates

·    Well flowed at stabilised rates of 5508 stb/d

·    Well achieved a maximum stabilised flow rate of 9036 stb/d

A total section of 86m, incorporating 79m of reservoir, was perforated between 2379m and 2465m (md) over the Sea Lion Main Fan Complex. No lower fan sands were perforated on this flow test.

The well flowed for a main 48 hour flow period at a stabilised rate of 5508 stb/d and 940 mscf/d of gas with a flowing well head pressure (WHP) of 783 psi on a 48/64 inch choke. The gas oil ratio (GOR) was 170 scf/stb over the 48 hour period.  The well was flowed through a separator under artificial lift by means of a downhole electric submersible pump (ESP).  The flowing wellhead temperature was 62 degrees C.  This temperature is significantly higher than that achieved during the test of well 14/10-2 and demonstrates the highly effective nature of the Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT) used during the test at 14/10-5.  It was not necessary to use any wax inhibitors or pour point suppressants and no water or H2S were produced during the test.

The well was flowed for a second main flow during which the final maximum flow rate of 9036 stb/d was achieved with a flowing WHP of 625 psi on a fixed 1 inch choke over a 2 hour period before shutting the well in for a final build up and injectivity tests.  The GOR during the maximum rate flow period was 153 scf/stb.

During the test down hole pressures were recorded and both surface and downhole crude oil samples were collected and will now be analysed by the Company.

Downhole mini DSTs (Drill Stem Test) were also performed on two of the three sands making up the 14m of net pay encountered in the well, which form part of the lower fan.  These 2 sands had net pay of 8m and 4.5m.  Interpretation of the results of the mini DST indicate that these 2 sands could have contributed an additional 800 stb/d flow rate using the same flow test techniques (artificial lift by ESP and thermal insulation by VIT) as used during the main DST performed on the upper fan in well 14/10-5.

The Board views the flow rates achieved as being commercially viable.  Further appraisal drilling is being progressed over the coming months to continue to define the extent of the Sea Lion resource.

The Ocean Guardian drilling unit will now drill well 14/10-6, which will be the third appraisal well within the Sea Lion discovery area.  14/10-6 is located some 4.5km to the west of well 14/10-5 and is located within the Company’s currently mapped mid-case area.

A further RNS will be issued after the well has spudded.

Sam Moody, Chief Executive of Rockhopper, commented:

“This very positive well test result is another key milestone in establishing Sea Lion commerciality.  We will now review the wealth of data gathered during the testing process and continue our preparations for the next appraisal well on the field.”

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  1. Lt says:

    Dan, you mentioned that you have some very well placed sources in Orenburg as one of your subscribers was due to arrive in Orenburg on the 21/22 of this month.
    Did they arrive? Any update?

  2. ah says:

    Hi dan

    What’s going on with rockhopper??? they’ve just released an amazing rns and no movement what so ever apart from the spike first thing? is this to do with the ongoing uncertainty with greece??

    Cheers dan

  3. provestor says:

    Hey dan since when did a couple in marriage terms mean 3 😉 -waits patiently for the aminex update- 🙂

  4. Kenny Brady says:

    Dan do you think we will have to see another strike in the Fi before rockhopper climbs again

    • Brokerman says:

      Any oil strike/discovery whether it be from RKH or one of the many other companys working in the FALKLANDS can only have a beneficial effect on RKH. The question is which one will strike oil? At present only RKH have proven discoveries. There’s a big question mark over the infrastructure too. It all depends on how RKH are currently viewed by the market. No doubt that they will drift down as per usual but they always have a tendency to go back up, it’s balancing this movement that Traders find difficult.