New World Oil & Gas. Delisted?

I’m heading back to London this morning. So I’ll make this brief. I note todays RNS from Metal Tiger (LON: MTR) who were the main protagonists running the bear squeeze with the farcically named NWOG action group set up by the bare faced liar and copyright breacher/plagiariser  Ben ‘Safehouse’ Turney. One of the shareProfits ‘self styled journalists’.  There were ‘others’ involved in running the play, such as a mysterious (approx. 3%) holder/s who seem to think that they’re below the radar. We shall get to the bottom of it.

Sadly for Turney he has now compounded his lies by not only trying to silence the truth with inferred threats of legal action (Still waiting for your solicitors’ letter) but the buffoon has breached copyright by publishing a photograph that he wasn’t licensed to publish. A professional journalist/photographer would NEVER breach copyright. The liar was forced to remove that photograph which he has replaced with abusive nasty comments about ‘Bimbos’.  Not very Christian. But then again Turney isn’t a Christian. He’s a charlatan. I did hear that there’s some direct messages  floating around on twitter that make interesting reading. Talk of making a lot of money out of the NEW World bear squeeze.

Now straight to the point. New World Oil & Gas (LON: NEW) remain suspended. Every one holding the stock have to await the completion of the open offer.

Here’s a thought. What happens if and I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it could, New World Oil & Gas NEVER come back from suspension? The company are delisted off the AIM. Would Metal Tiger get their £160,000? What about all the UK share-holders who have stock? Would they be able to sell them? The answer to that would be a big fat NO. Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen and everyone gets out of the mess with at least a small slice of cake. Otherwise Mr Turney may have to take refuge in one of HIS safehouses. LOL!

Food for thought.





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