GKP As foretold here FT 250!!!

The Blog told investors that GKP were in the city researching a move to the main market many moons ago. The soiled underwear brigade posting from the outer regions of  Idiotville will no doubt begin

What these investors, who know nothing of  the mechanics of the market, do not understand is that a move from the AIM just doesn’t happen after 24 hours, it has to be carefully thought through over a period of time and researched thoroughly with advisors and partners etc before any announcement is made.
Readers of the Blog will recall the post and the great guffaws of ridicule from the double identity posters over on the boards!

Well whose laughing now? A monkey has more intelligence than these fools. The blog can report that an institutional fund-raising is now almost certain for GKP to meet main market requirements. Dilution will have no effect on this SP. Main Market Listing 2012?


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No Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    Lol I have just read the chapter about companies moving in to these regions in the naked trader. Fun times ahead I hope !

  2. Stevie says:

    Just spat tea over screen laughing!!!!
    You sure top picture aint a PXS long term holders lol
    Good work , now do abit on that Gold Oil I mentioned Danny boy

    • james says:

      If I was you id be buying into PXS!
      Not taking the piss out of the holders!

      Dan is it possible for you to stop all this ”as fortold” rubbish!
      This is realy basic stuff and insulting im sure to many readers of your BB!


  3. Geoff says:

    Credit where credits due Dan i remember the post.
    you are once again proved right.
    Please stop posting articales like this my sides cant take much more nearly pi**ed my trolleys reading it.


  4. jackaranda says:

    Dilution dan what form do you think it will come and how quickly?

    Funny post,, by the way all the muppets an double identitiees are keeping there heads down this aft’. Bwana millmog,heartsofatlantis,tasdevil,miket21 ginty,chopper,jay and the rest who chat crap are sufferin as they say from selective memory loss.
    Pretending that they never said what they did about your post on the move to the big boys.
    What jerks they are, keep ripping them Dan i love these posts. Hilarious.

  5. Barnstonpickle says:

    Jimbo youve forgot premieroil, minerva, Lloyds,gkip the ernest duster rotten vernalis pxs internet ramp,pyc internet ramp, char top rises to mention a few.
    the info Dannos written has been proven time and agin to be accirate mate. I made sevenk on my stop loss on rkh duster bought back my stake at 274p and sold the lot at 397p clearing over 40k.
    got lloyds at 52 still holding for a pound. I would never of stop lost rkh if it wasn’t fot the post on the blog. the way i see it dans blog gets thousands of hits a day from all over the country and planet. theres no trader or broker out there that can call the market 100% correct every day we all have made mistakes and will continue to do so. The blog is used by many as a pointer to what may happeni always research my investment and would never blame any body or institution for making a rick.
    This is the best financial blog in the uk. IMHO.


  6. GTG says:

    Dan i appreciate this is off topic, but with regards to NPE, is there any update ? LSE user seems to think they have only just finished tests ?



    • Brokerman says:

      Latest whisper is of a winding down of operations.


      • GTG says:

        Many thanks Dan, your a top guy, are we expecting good sidetrack results ? If you would care to email me on free-bay at hotmail.co.uk, I would really appreciate it.

        • Bry_star says:


          I was wondering what you think on Enegi Oil? I have been monitoring it for a while.
          I would really appreciate you view.