Sterling Energy. Carry on Kurdistan!

Well as I’ve said more times than i care to remember “Sterling energy are NOT flavour of the month here with the Blog” As posted on many,many occasions this company have failed share-holders.Sterling Energy. Jinxed?. The recent rise as posted on here was “Expectation” news of  hydrocarbon shows will always push an sp.

Carry on Kurdistan!

Investors are certainly hurting out there as posted by Neil {see comments section} who is thrashing around full of angst looking for scape-goats after some how reading the posts as a rec’ to buy!!!!!!!!.

SEY are and always will be a poorly performing oil explorer as evidenced by their track record which is utterly abysmal! This blog has once again called it spot on! No doubt their share price will recover in time but as posted on here if they manage to hit the oily stuff once in profit “get the hell out of them” because as sure as night follows day they will “carry on the Kurdistan cock-up”


Carry on Kurdistan!

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  1. Joseph says:

    Your showin your age with this one old boy ! ! God bless sid james

  2. Neil says:

    Got my name mentioned on brokermandan’s blog, YES! now that was worth loosing ££££ for.

    Made my day, wiped away my SEY blues 🙂

    • Brokerman says:

      Neil is this your full email address?. I shall see what i can do to get back your sey losses.


      ps Please confirm email address.

        • Brokerman says:

          ok i’ll wait until closing of play until we see where they settle. Then i’ll email you.


          • Neil says:

            Sold @ 87p 40% loss
            Bought back @ 64p currently about 25% down
            By the way i’m subscribed to your blog on my other email add but did not want to post it. Thanks

          • Brokerman says:

            Good God Neil that’s hardly cataclysmic! Good move buying back as they will crawl back up over time.
            Some poor sods are in at 200p+ and showing a 60% loss!

            I’ll send an email at close.


          • Andy says:


            Been following your efforts for a while and really appreciate the insights you have given. I had resolved on Friday close to sell sterling based on a few concerns I had on geology but also on your reticence. Wish i had that instinct twenty four hours earlier. Down a couple of k. Hoping Baltic oil Terminals will ease a bit of pain. Keep up the great work.

          • TraderBoyBow says:

            Well done Neil you managed to sell well above the highest point of the day and managed to buy back right at the very bottom

          • TraderBoyBow says:

            Won’t let me edit my post but Neils comment made me laugh, he managed to sell @87p when it opened at under 80p, the high point of 85p was only made after the low of 62p was made.

            Keep those updates coming Dan, it’s much appreciated

          • Neil says:

            TraderBoy I went back and checked my contract notes to see if I made a mistake, but NO I sold at 8am for 87p trade went through the plus market. Not sure why you would think I would lie about this??

  3. Stan says:

    Dan you are one spooky cat.
    Jinxed sterling energy. No truer words spoken i was going to have a punt on them a few months back then i read some of your pieces and thought better of it. Am i glad i never listened to Mikeadmin and spoonflicker on Londonsouth east.
    Stuck the money into BPinstead got them at 345p will hold for the L Term.
    cheerio and thanks for helping us little guys/girls


  4. OILBUG says:

    Urgent – Dan !!!!!!!!

    have you seen presentation re Encore take a look at advfn Encore section, theirs a link.

    going on about 1.5 billion stooip 900m recoverable re Cladhan sidetrack

    please report your findings


    • Brokerman says:

      post the link for me.
      Cheers Dan

    • Biggleswick says:

      Sounds very interesting. Let’s hope there’s some more huge news for North Sea oil. 900 mmbbls recoverable! If the rumorus are anywhere near true that’s more than anyone could hope for but let’s sit tight until we know for sure. All sorts of unfounded figs will be bandied about for awhile. Personally I’d be happy for 200-300 mmbbls but we’ll see.

      Good times though, good times.

      Dan, what are your thoughts on the Falklands oilies for a future write up? A new commercial oil find for RKH and now DES have the bit between the teeth for 4 consec. drills. Could be a good year for the resurgence of British oil!

  5. reggie says:

    Currently 50% Down as in at 140’s. Not happy as thought they turned a corner. However happy with gkp. Thanks dan keep up the good work

  6. OILBUG says:

    sterling resources presentation

    sound does not seem to be working now !

    more chat on advfn chat room re encore

    hope it helps Dan


  7. OILBUG says:

    sterling resources presentation – comments about 900m recoverable made regarding slide 10 re magnes analogue.

    regarding potential 1.5 billion stooip 900m recoverable- cladhan sidetrake

  8. Biggleswick says:

    Oooh matron!

  9. anti-ramper says:

    I really appreciate this site as an decent information stream, although (I’m sure Dan would agree with this) this site should be used as an accompaniment to your own findings, I feel it is a decent source and has helped traders and investors alike, both novice and experienced.
    Although AIM heavy, it is useful for SIPP investing etc.
    Anyway (I’m sure the fiver is in the post) I’m in EO. and XEL, good day, today – will hold.
    Also, good news for ISA holders with GKP weighing up FTSE250.
    I’ll def weigh up that option.

    Good luck, and keep on keeping on!


  10. oil man says:

    This should also serve us all in a reminder about brokers notes,they do tend to be biased,sometimes i wonder if the info we get from the likes of evo are the same as they give institutions.

  11. Captain Patience says:

    Hi Dan,

    It has been a while since you last covered GCM Resources. Please find below an email response to a fellow investor on iii. It seems as though all the ducks are being lined up for an imminent announcement.

    I emailed the guy who wrote the Reuters article and here is his response:

    Hi “Marv”

    Thanks for your email.

    The Open Pit mining is expected to begin at Phulbari in Dinajpur, 415 kilometres (260 miles) northwest of Dhaka. But officials would not say when it will begin.

    Nizam Ahmed
    Senior Correspondent
    Dhaka Bureau

    I would appreciate it if you could send me your email address.



  12. TraderBoyBow says:

    Dan will you be covering Serica Energy (SQZ), the share price not pricing in any success for the Dambus-1 Exploration Well, which should be completed in just over a fortnight and is targeting 200 mmboe

  13. Mike says:

    Hi Dan

    Still reading your blog and see GKP are doing very well.

    One that you have looked at before was Urals Energy – UEN – they have issued some good news today via an RNS and look set to release some more in the next 2 weeks. Maybe even next week when Yury Motovilov the general director at Petrosakh (one of Urals owned subsidiaries) is due to speak at the Sakhalin oil and gas conference on the 29th September. Some say it could be regarding drilling one of their licences (Sakhalin-6) with a huge amount of oil reserves – IN THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS !!

    Can you see if you can find out anything at your end?