FT staff banned from accessing BMD BLOG!

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Get Sauced!

News has reached the blog that FTALPHAVILLE’S markets live forum has stated that FT staff have been banned from accessing the site? Strange as it may seem I never realised they were accessing it! FT circulation must be in danger! Monitoring staff and issuing dictates. “Spies are everywhere” stated an unnamed reggae sauce. Further investigation revealed that the freedom of information act had been locked away in a water closet “It’s like living under Stalin” moaned their eastern european correspondent! “We just never know when the knock is coming”

Lionel Barber: My Life in Media

My team sets the news agenda for decision-makers in politics, business and finance around the world’ BY  BANNING STAFF FROM ACCESSING BROKERMANDAN’S BLOG>

Interview by Sophie Morris

Monday, 7 January 2008

Acting on a tip-off I decided to sneak into Lionel’s  office armed with my trusty Minolta walking right past the security and into the lift where I bumped into the said editor’s PA! She was twittering to FT journos how Lionel  was “going to get that BrokermanDan”

Unbeknown to the fools I was recording their every word on my covert pen microphone/camera/phone/ipod/teasmaid/home cinema gadget!! Adroitly avoiding eye contact with these beasst of the press, these untamed/untrained tigers who were;  no! Are out to get me! Whos Chief Lionel I knew from Sophie’s article had yearned to be?

“What would you do if you didn’t work in the media?”

“Private detective.”

Yes the frigging singing detective Lionel barber (surgeon)

Any way on with the story; as I approached his office using a skeleton key to open the door I was hit by the smell; a strange pungent cloying odour that seemed to be coming from an ante room in Lionel’s office. I approached this ante room with trepidation, what could it be? Opening the door whilst quickly urinating on Lionel’s plush carpet (no mean feat)I was aghast at the sight that befell me it was a pile of fresh horse shit! Still steaming! And there wallowing right in the middle of it was Lionel, his life’s work all about him!

I am retaliating in kind a tit for tat diplomatic spat is now in force on this blog all staff are banned from accessing the FT on Sundays!



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No Responses

  1. SkintMan says:

    Superb effort, getting a ban by the FT should come as a devilish compliment and only serves to increase the blogs popularity. Or they are trying to throw net!

  2. Philpoffish says:

    Good post this dan had me laughing over the corn flakes.
    I wonder why theyve banned there staff from reading the blog?

    Keep up writing more bits like this a dose of comedy is always a good start to the morning.


  3. Pi1010 says:

    Shurely the headline should be “Brokerman Dan Ban”

    …ooohh 11am will surely see retaliation and claims of I’m Brokerman Dan. Is this connected with the Muppet’s & GKP? I like AV and your blog, I guessing this was originally penned by an iii GKP holder, FT not flavour of the month with many GKP investors, but feel they have only pointed out many of the risks associated with this stock as you have.

  4. GTDriver says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Firstly i would like to thank you for all your hard work. Your insight is a God send.

    Secondly; what, for you, constitues correct and thorough research of a share/company?

    What i’m getting at is that I’m always trying to improve my approach to research and being self taught i cant shake the feeling that my methods arent up to scratch (because i havent been shown by a pro’). What forms the basis of your research?? Any help appreciated.

    Thirdly: Sorry if this has been covered but do you have any views on RRL?

    Thanks again.