A Nautical Star! As foretold here! 200p

A nautical star.


The blogship will recall all the previous posts on here predicting a 200p target to be reached.

Well things are looking very rosey at Nautical 200p has once again been breached. Resource updates on Catcher/Kraken are known to be in the pipeline.

News could come after the weekend so don’t be surprised when broker targets are upped once again as intimated on here many times!

Yes the internets favourite Blog has once again hit the bull’s eye!

Remember this!” Nautical will become a major player in the UKCS North Sea.”

It now seems likely that a push to 250p could very well be on the cards here.

BUT as always please research your investments and always seek professional advice!



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  1. bob says:

    how do you see this effecting EO. given the shareprice has stagnated around 90p recently

  2. OILBUG says:

    Thanks brokerman for your views as normal

    catcher news soon re rig and upgrades sounds good for Encore to me post weekend.

    plus cladhan OWC soon . I think they have started the side track today ?

  3. Biggleswick says:

    Good stuff.

    Dan do you have any thoughts on another North Sea oily, Xcite? I hear they should be releasing news any day on an appraisal well?



  4. OILBUG says:

    errrr biggles xel have not even started drilling yet.

    rig due end of the month from npe.

    But agree hope dan reviews xel on the blog with the Bentley field so near to Kraken with news very soon.

  5. Bernie says:


    You’ve closed the comments for Matra so excuse me for posting here.

    A very trusted colleague of mine has been in touch with the top brass today and tells me that they did commission a separate workover rig for A13. so it would suggest that they have been working flat out to get both the wells producing asap, as earlier it was stated that the workover rig would be released to A13 once it was finished with A12

    my source’s info tallies with what you posted the other day. they have fixed some of the problems but are “waiting to get all the answers” before releasing any news, as they “don’t want the RNS to raise questions because this would just weigh on the sp”.

    hope this helps other MTA investors

    have you heard any more rumours?


    • Brokerman says:

      There are certain pieces of information presently Not in the public domain gleaned by the blog. Unfortunately i cannot divulge them, for obvious reasons the main one being confidentiality of the source.
      But i can say that it is my understanding that some form of test production on A12 has already occured.
      I also know that Matra are leaving no stone un-turned in their efforts to resolve the tech’ problems.
      By the way the weather at present on site is reported to be hot. So there are no problems there. Reports of ice on chat boards fouling up the drills is utter nonsense. Check the weather for that region.

      Good luck


  6. miopus says:

    Compliment for you Dan from si2000si (iii)


    Catcher news is imminent IMHO, and any retrace will be minimal IMHO so I am staying put. I like the bit about the RNS:

    “This is a fantastic outcome for Nautical, which justifies our decision to complete the activity on a sole risk basis.”

    Now I believe this is 100% NPE for the side track as Celtic drop out, this will also be support the SP.

    Thanks to comments and support from everyone during the last few months especially during the dark days regarding the placing.. and BrokemanDan I think we should give me some credit to this as well as he called it right on this one.

    GL all