BrokermanDan Ban or “Technical Glitch?”


I have received a communique from FTAlphaville that the ban was in fact a “technical glitch”  Apparently when you google BrokermanDan state security kicks in with referrals to the illuminati who we all know are controlling every aspect of our lives through Alien mind control! Our only defence is the trusty tin foil hat system as worn by this chap who also has a huge investment in NTOG.

They're Coming To Take Me Away / 135.365


So there ya go all’s well that ends well!

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No Responses

  1. Zombi says:

    Hahaha – brilliant mate!

  2. Philpoffish says:

    I know that geezer whith the tin hat its Miopus.

  3. Ladada says:

    When I immagined mickyt21 thats the image I get, just there 🙂

  4. Stevie says:

    Bob marley was a mere social smoker compared to me…..have a feeling you trump us both in consumption….GOLD OIL there’s beans to spill on that Dan 😉

  5. ray says:

    Classic. Tears of laughter on the way home and i’m an ntog investor!
    Reality has now set in. First rise and i’m out of them.


  6. Lorna says:

    I’m a secretary at Citi bank in the city i’ll be forwarding this on around the office 2morrow Daniel.
    Fits of laughter keep coming on me like waves.

    Citi bank

  7. jackaranda says:

    Be jesus ive nearly choked to death on a scone.
    You could of been up before the beak on a manslaughter charge! Dan.
    Top post and thankee for the encore nautical post months ago i’m in profit by a right few quid.

  8. miopus says:

    Is this the new austerity clothing, the future “must have” fashion accessory for bankers ?

    Suits you Sir !

  9. MikeST says:

    Brilliant Dan, really enjoy your sense of humour!

    Apologies for asking this question here, couldn’t find anywhere linked to the topic of GCM that comments can still be posted to.

    Is there any news out there about GCM, the stock seems to be trading sideways and down (and yes I recall, having learned the lesson all to well, that AIM stocks do so on no news…)

    Is a decision from the GoB likely… ever…??