Just a quick round-up of todays events effecting some of the oilers that have been the subject of so much interest on the Blog.

Lets start with  GKP who released news today. There’s really nothing much to add  investors should take heart from the excellent rise today. As i’ve posted many times GKP are a firm favourite here on the blog however there’s only 1 major clawback and 1 minor drag on this sp. For investors who want to stick their head in the sand and refuse to listen do so now!

1/Iraqi insurgency.  ( Major clawback)

2/Political wrangling.  (Minor drag)

The days of 70/80p for GKP are now behind us a steady crawl upwards with the inevitable retraces along the way should keep us all avidly chomping at the bit. 200P is in my opinion well on the way and easily achievable providing there’s no mis-haps. If you believe all that you read then GKP are sat on 50 billion barrels of oil as much as I’d like that to be true I think it’s rather pushing the boat out. What i do believe is the Boards recent admission that they will get taken out by a Major oiler. There’s certainly going to be more oil found that’s nailed on here in the city. GKP are sat on literally a sea of oil of many billions! The big question here is just how big is it going to be?  My personal opinion is that it’s going to be Huge well in excess of 10 billion. The Investor’s biggest problem is the constant diatribe and commentary on GKP’S every nuance.  Manage your expectations.

Encore oil why any private investor would want to sell here is beyond me!

Gold bullion 2


There’s only two outcomes going to happen here; an asset sale that will further inflate the sp or takeover that will obviously hike the sp. What in the name of jumping Jehovah would you want to sell this stock for? There are very few AIM companies sat in the enviable position that Encore are. Debt free,cash rich,major oil discoveries, proven management. Those that hold ’til the bitter end will be like the directors of Encore cash rich!

Keep your hands on your stock it is 24 carat gold.

Nautical, this company are as I’ve stated many times turning into a major player in the UKCS ( North Sea). Major discoveries with more to come coupled with a healthy balance sheet possible TO target as all eyes turn back to the North sea. Broker upgrades on sp ,oip increases on Kraken and Catcher to come. Why sell? Hold for your full 300/400p!

The market have now woken up to the potential here. Please recall my post   Encore Oil. Massive potential.. when i stated that the market had taken their eyes off the ball here. These 3 companies are wealth generators for private investors. Those that ride them out will reap huge rewards. For God’s sake this is a once in a year opportunity grab it with both hands and stick it out!!!


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  1. Dylan says:

    This is all very exciting do you think we will see a small dip tomorrow or a steady rise? Dan you are one in a million!!

  2. lloyd says:

    With all respect Dan, Kurdistan is much safer than you are making out and the Kurdistan Regional Government are partners with GKP.
    In my opinion you have this overlooked how the any political issues actually play into GKP’s hands.
    I actually think you are scaring people into selling too early or not buying….ofcourse you are not doing this on purpose.

    • Brokerman says:

      There are no flys in the ointment vis-a-vis Nautical/encore. What you need to do is to look at each of your investments seperately and research each one individually.
      GKP have two problems as mentioned in the post they will not go away by refusing to openly discuss them objectively. Subjectivity is anathema to investing.
      I look at all investment dispassionately.


  3. redunculous says:


    I just wanted to send my thanks to you, I’m currently based in Iraq and am hardly on popstar wages.

    I recently invested in shares for the first time on a friends recommendation (encore) and your posts have kept me hanging in there and although I bought in late I’ve started to see some profit which is fantastic – coupled with your information I’m holding on for the future!

  4. Duncan says:

    Fantastic blog. Excellent post on GKP some peeps just don’t know how to look at companies, warts and all….

    Duncan doughnoughts

  5. Matt says:

    Dan thanks for all your posts We all really appreciate them

    Just really a question. Why do you now mention the political situation with GKP. This has not changed for the last 9 months or so – you never made real reference to it before ? Have you heard something ?

    • Brokerman says:

      To say that the political situation hasn’t changed is completely wrong. The USA are withdrawing from combat operations and allowing the coalition trained Iraqis to fill the void. Iranian sabre rattling is also becoming more prevalent in the region with the Israelis potentially becoming involved. This in its self is a huge shift in the balance of power. Being objective while posting articles is a must. When looking at any investment investors need to look at the totality of their investments sticking your head in the sand will not make potential problems vanish.


  6. bobbyshafto says:


    “If drilling is successful, Edison calculates that applying an industry benchmark of $10 per barrel would imply a share price of 800p. Realising this upside clearly depends on a successful well result, although with such near-term potential the shares rate a buy.

    • Brokerman says:

      They have to hit the oil. There in lies the gamble.
      The great thing about GKP,nautical,Encore is that they already have.
      Good Luck


      • Harv says:


        Sorry mate you got that wrong, xel has oil, it’s bentley field is one of the biggest undeveloped fields in the north sea. They are NOT an exploration company. They WILL develop that field. They have BP on board too. The risk is not about them finding oil as it’s there, risk is getting the oil out (heavy oil). Surprised you didn’t know this as it’s close to nautical’s kracken play.

        Also with regards to Iraq, again I think you got it wrong. The Americans pulled out of the cities and towns and back to their huge isolated main bases last summer. The Iraqi army filled that void a while ago. The departure of 50k combat troops was phased and not spontaneous. Also the American presence there is still formidable. Troops will still assist security and combat operations, difference is now Iraqi government has to request their help. Dyor!!!

        • Brokerman says:

          Sorry about that i was reading up on Desire while i was replying.
          As for the situation we’ll have to disagree. ALL the analysis here shows a changing situation re’ the geo-politics of the region.


  7. Andalus says:


    Its really quite enlightening you allow no posts criticising your articles yet state “GKP have two problems as mentioned in the post they will not go away by refusing to openly discuss them objectively”

    Moderate another way Daniel!

    • Brokerman says:

      Andalus your email is the problem Fake email address’s are automatically spammed. And your ip is currently registered as one that is responsible for sickening abuse posted several months ago.
      Try to use a genuine email next time you post.