Julian Assange. World complicity.

Julian Assange

A decent man exposes the lies

So after nine days and nights held as a Category A prisoner Julian Assange has now been released on bail pending the Swedish extradition request. It’s a funny old world isn’t it? Sweden issued an international arrest warrant through Interpol for the arrest and extradition of a man who they had already interviewed (then allowed to leave their country) over a 4 week period. It was decided then that there was no case to answer. So just what changed the Swedish authorities minds? The basis of the allegations hasn’t been expanded upon and the evidence is known to be virtually non-existent with at least one “victim” (Anna Ardin) hastily deleting tweets, emails and text messages  in an obvious attempt to put a different spin on her bogus allegations. This isn’t a prosecution. No charges have been laid it’s an extradition request to ask him  some more questions on sexual allegations that he has already spoken to them at length about. Strange?

It’s completely obvious to all concerned that there are dark forces here working behind the political scenes. The USA do not want Assange in the UK for their inevitable extradition request. They know that the UK media and Judiciary will play with a straight bat if it came to an extradition request not least because of the calls for his execution and assassination by leading  American politicians. This is the home of “Democracy” and the world will be watching. It’s obvious that a fair trial in the USA is impossible. At present the Yanks have no evidence that ties Assange to directly soliciting material likely to damage National Security. The Americans’ only hope is a two-pronged approach; change the law or coerce Bradley Manning (currently held in incommunicado) into stating that Assange played a major role in his recruitment assisting with the breach of security then soliciting Manning  to supply more sensitive material. The fact that Manning has been held in strict solitude having to undergo known USA psychological torture techniques suggests that he will eventually crack, if he hasn’t already. The threat of a 53 year prison sentence alone would break most normal people never mind (and (God knows) what else this poor chap has and is currently suffering!

If there is a Human Being out there that truly believes that the Americans are impartially sitting on the fence then they need to be carted off by “The men in white coats”. This is a politically motivated Global attack against the WikiLeaks leader and organisation. Does any sane human being believe that the Americans have not been contacting the Swedish or the British establishments re’ Assange? Whatever country Assange intends to visit gets an immediate briefing with contacts by the American intelligence agencies.

It’s interesting isn’t it? Look at the organisations Paypal,Visa, Mastercard etc These have now turned against Wikileaks. Did they all wake up on the same day and have an epiphany!!!! A moment of Choreographed Enlightenment? The WikiLeaks internet servers have been under constant cyber attack. The world knows it’s the CIA.

Come, come, please no more of this CIA bullshit. It’s Black propaganda instigated by the Yanks. We all know it but most countries are pussying around and too wary to state it; least the Yanks show their chagrin. The Swedish ruling elite are a disgrace they know that the extradition request is a prerequisite to the USA lodging a formal request for Extradition to the USA from the rotten  Swedes upon Assange setting foot on Swedish soil. It’s a put up job.

WikiLeaks has exposed and confirmed nothing that wasn’t already known by the Elite. What WikiLeaks has done is to show the normal man and woman in the street just what their Governments get up to behind the veil of State Security; Murder,Kidnap, Assassination and Torture are routine. The national interest is used to cover-up “The slaughtering of innocents.” They even change the names of these heinous acts “Collateral damage,Extraordinary rendition, Smart bombs, Precision bombing; the list is endless” with euphemisms employed to obfuscate and divert. Murder is Murder no matter how you care to dress it up, as is Torture and Kidnap. War is BIG BUSINESS!  Democracy is an illusion perpetuated upon the masses. Push hard enough, as WikiLeaks has done, then the real Beasts and Demons dancing among the Flames and corpses in Iraq and Afghanistan are forced,fleetingly, to break cover.  Any threat to the Global order will be ruthlessly eliminated.

Julian Assange’s chances of becoming Collateral damage after an Extraordinary rendition just shortened.



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  1. Old Hack says:

    Hey Daniel.
    Very good article.
    You may be anonymous.
    But the quality of this post tells me that you are a Journalist of some kind.

    An Old Hack Knows.

  2. Joseph says:

    Watch yourself dan if they can bump off the president of the united states ,you think they would think twice about little old you ? 😉 ha ha

  3. Olivanders says:

    The irony is that the USA argues it fights, in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, for democracy and freedom of speech. However, this freedom of speech is allowing Assange to orchestrate a global smear campaign that prove the veil of democracy, covers a smorgasbord of tainted and corrupt actions. In the majority of other countries worldwide that don’t have the freedom of speech, (Russia and China) Assange would have been assassinated already.

  4. Olivanders says:

    The irony is that the USA argues fights, in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, for democracy and freedom of speech. However the Wikileaks campaign to expose what they really get up to is something that can only occur in countries where there is free speech. If this were a similar campaign against the Russians or Chinese governments I believe Assange would already be brown bread. Whilst this righteous crusade is presenting the USA as a country that is riddled with corruption, with only a thin veil of democracy over the tainted dealings beneath, this is the best we’ve got. We should be grateful that the US is the world’s largest superpower and not a country without freedom of speech.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well i’d have to disagre with you there. Currently we have a Chinese Nobel peace prize winner rotting in a Chinese gulag.
      Every country where there is no democratically elected regime have their share of dissidents and champions for freedom.
      What America is becoming is anathema to Democracy. The founding Fathers would be turning over in their grave. Secret black prisons outside the constitution, Kidnappings,torture, Murder,the wholesale slaughter of innocent women and children, war conducted for monetary gain etc.
      Democracy is under attack. It is People like Assange who are the true defenders of democracy.


  5. Charles the Red says:

    Oi dan. I hope you posting this stuff is part of a bigger mission to, ‘stick it to the man’, as are sharing your wealth sharing tips! Viva la revolution!

  6. Moby Dick says:

    While I agree with some of the comments above, it strikes me that Assange himself is not as ‘open’ as he would like the USA to be. Wilikeaks attempts to show to the world what the USA foreign policy really is, and has stolen information in order to do that. Yet there was a request in court the other day for his whereabouts to be kept secret. Strange for someone hell bent on ‘openness’. Similarly, Jemima Khan, one of his supporters, contributing to his bail as an advocate of openness, has herself been in court regarding issues of privacy. If these people desire true openness then let they themselves be completely open.

    • Brokerman says:

      I think you’ll find that every man and his dog knows (intelligence agengies) where Assange is. He is tracked minute by minute regardless of any court restriction. The media know where he is at any given time so does the CIA/MI5 ETC.
      WikiLeaks just doesn’t solely target the USA they publish information regardless of what country or organisation it exposes. Remember Trafigura? Israel? central america? super injunctions? the list is endless.
      History shows us that; US governments (as most are) are riddled with corruption and fuelled by elite group self interest.

  7. k mk says:

    just a few lo0se thoughts:
    – the interpretation of ‘ natural law’ as survival of the fittest ,-‘the end justifies the means’,enlightenment ideals/principles defamed as anally retarded fascism, ‘the business of America is business’.

    – Realistic assessment :another 300 years of American supremacy? Black swans?
    On the other hand they didn’t kill Chomsky and some others critical voices.

    -the medium of the internet, parallels with the invention of printing press, which definitly upset existing powerstructures at that time,
    -America should think twice before committing another PR own goal

    I used to believe -similar to the previous poster that we are better off under American than Chinese Hegemony. Brainwashed?

    Does Europe have the Energy to develop own political profile/ ‘business’ on worldstage?

    Among those leaked cables, is there a real ‘big one ‘ ?.