Brokermandaniel. TRP Debacle.

After listening to the feed back on here which i have whole-heartedly taken on board i have as part of the evolution of this blog decided to change the emphasis of the blog by NOT now reporting market speculation. I will of course now only post MY own personal opinions based upon proven and verifiable sources, which will be quoted.

I shall now abandon the RNS alert system as the feedback suggests it creates too much expectation/speculation of the rns content.

However i must take issue with several bones of contention. A PI who invests in any stock purely on this blogs posts without doing their own research before an investment is breaking a cardinal rule of investment== DYOR! Check, check and double check!

Unfortunately the success of the blog pre the TRP cock-up is partly to blame. As one subscriber put it “Get one wrong and they will hammer you”

I fully accept and now realise that even a blog post can in some circumstances effect the less experienced investor and for that i must apologise.

Furthermore i shall be calling on the help of the blogship inviting some to post their own articles and thoughts on stock.

Each new post will contain a ryder warning stating that the post contains the personal opinion of the author and in no way constitutes a recommendation to invest in the stocks mentioned. That way the posts are fully transparent and everyone then knows that the posts are of a personal view.


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  1. paulball says:

    Why on TRP can you let us all know where you got the figures for Optare and prices, that was more than an opinion.

  2. stiegofthedump says:

    I think it is great that you have taken the time to think through how to move this blog forward. You could have just wound it up and that would have been a shame.

    Personally its fine to post market speculation so long as it is caveated as such.

    Aso don’t mind the RNS alerts. trouble was not everyone who reads your blog will appreciate what the difference is between an ‘RNS Alert’, ‘Embargo’ etc etc.

    If it makes you feel any better there were loads of whispers regarding TRP that didn’t come from your blog and they all pointed the same way.

    I still think you should re-appraise and update any stocks previously reported on your blog just so its clear where we are.



  3. berkshireknight says:

    Dan, Personally I think you are wrong to stop posting RNS alerts and market speculation as I believe this is one of the primary reasons your blog and previous posting on LSE & iii got the attention it did/has. As with all blogs/postings every investor should DTOR and decide for themselves whether or not to act on a particular piece of information. At the end of the day we are all grown ups and have to make our own decisions. IMHO you simply have to put a bold disclaimer on everything you post in terms of RNS alerts and market speculation to ensure people make up their own minds. If you remove the above information then your blog would hold much less interest for me going forward. Let me say that I was burned on TRP as well but at the end of the day it was my decision.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes i do take your point and i do value your opinion the problem is that there are some, if the comments are to be believed, that have invested in TRP on the basis of the posts alone, without first researching/realising that AIM companies can bomb. The failure of the Blog to take this into account rests with me. So as well as posting the caveat on all future posts i have a responsibility to try to impress upon the less experienced investors that news,views and speculation on the blog must be tempered with a healthy understanding of the obvious risks in relying on one source however good its track record, each post,news should be viewed independently from each other.
      I have reviewed all the posts on the blog as well as cross referencing them with the notes, day speculations and logged news flow circuits available.

      I will reinstate the RNS system of alerts at a future date once it becomes evident and clear that investors using the blog are fully conversant with market risk.


      • miopus says:

        Dan – I have tried many many times, and have been unable to log in to your site for days.
        Considering that I do not operate under aliases, I cannot understand why I have had so much trouble.

        Perhaps you should KEEP reminding people not to follow your opinions blindly. TRP boards rather drowned out with complaining people.

        I might have to write an article on how to be a disciplined trader.

        • Brokerman says:

          Sorry for the difficulty logging on it’s the new security settings post the attempted hack.
          I have now resolved the programme glitches so you shouldn’t encounter any more difficulty all posts and subscriptions are now diverted to my Blackberry where i have now managed to successfully install the anti virus/hacking software.


      • aj74 says:

        Hi there,

        Is there anyway you will be able to put back in place the original hit counter as it provided some fascinating details.



  4. rob0000 says:

    Dan. Re Trp debacle . I am glad you are going to reinstate the RNS alerts, this is what has made
    your Blog so unique and so popular and one of the most talked about forums on the net,i think
    it might be unwise to make too many changes to the format .( lets face it there was an acrid
    smell of burnt fingers wafting around many dealing rooms on wed!!__I agree the less experienced
    investos have to be protected! One suggestion i would make is that you dedicate a page and
    title it DAN’S MARKET GOSSIP It could be updated daily (if time allows) I think it would be very
    popular with the readership? _ your style is tailor made for somthing like this!
    Another request, can you reinstate the site meter if possible only from an interest point of
    view it was facinating looking at the global audience viewing your Blog.
    Best wishes. Rob