Nautical Petroleum. A whale of a time!

Cropped version of the single breaching orca p...

The RNS released this morning caught the city here by surprise. There was a whale of a time as brokers hastily began to digest and analyse the data. A technical cock-up at the London News Service had some share sites posting 8am on their release pages. Nautical Petroleum had given instructions for the release to be timed at 8am, unfortunately a certain unnamed official added “immediate release” to the RNS!

Yes yet again as foretold here on the Blog Nauticals drill of Kraken was well ahead of schedule just like the RNS!.

The 200p barrier was broken and Nautical settled down to a respectable increase of 6%+ as traders cashed in their chips on profit taking.(A bird in the hand and all that).

So what next in the enthralling Kraken/Catcher ride? Who knows?

One of the vertical drops on the Kraken

Well certainly not the head bangers over on some of the chat sites.

Tune in for further news as and when it happens on the investors best private research/opinionated Blog: The BrokermanDaniel Blog!

Good luck.


PS There’s no publicist like a self-publicist!

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  1. Pi1010 says:

    Top draw Dan,
    I went in late, many thanks. Do you have a view on Belzone mining, done well since late August, I’m up 40% hold or fold?

  2. Hey Dan,

    As usual spot on with your info. Managed to get in Encore at 15p and then Nautical soon after so sat on a nice profit.

    P.s. Good move hosting the site yourself now. Any questions/problems, feel free to give us a shout, I’m half decent with wordpress.



  3. miopus says:

    You are a little gem !

  4. antonio says:

    well dan i am in this one have been for months so yet again matey thx i am on fire…….