MATRA. Whats the Matra here?

Very disappointing sp at the moment but this is purely due to lack of investor confidence with the A12/13 well problems. News by MTA will be released in short order here. The feeling is that MTA will only release news when they finally get both wells back on production. Yes i know they are a tiddler but broker targets here  mean this is a very good play for a short term spike on good news. Investors need to hold their nerve as i am of the opinion that providing the wells come on stream then this sp will certainly rise significantly to where it is currently lying in the doldrums.

Oil exploration Russian or otherwise is always fraught with technical problems,funding issues,licence approvals and a whole host of other related issues but Matra are in my opinion a very decent speculative punt of a long-term investment. It’s all about getting the oil out of the ground. No oil production = plummeting sp. Production = rising sp. Simple really.


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  1. Musy says:

    I am sorry dan but I don’t trust the management. How can you make such a mistake what they did in their last statement.
    Initially they highlighted cash 6 million pound and than after an hour came with 4m euro. I cut my losses as soon as I read that as I know what happened to sp when management try to make such a big mistake.
    e.g. NTG, RPT, ROK
    Sp never recovers if it does than it takes long time.

  2. Brokerman says:

    Yes it certainly was a shocker, but intrinsically broker targets have not been down-graded here in the city.
    Keep your eye on Hardy oil as i stated some months ago before i was banned on LSE “Hardy oil will recover.”
    Good Luck


  3. oiler says:

    I like the look of this dan,ok 12 and 13 have there problems but oil is there.The headache has to be the delay in the production liscence that is the biggest worry for me,whats the chances of this being refused as that is game over?

    • Brokerman says:

      Fighting back now Matra up 8%. Once the A12/13/License issues are resolved expect a good spike in the sp.
      The production licenses should get the green light the only annoying point on them is the time frame. Russia is notorious for delay after delay.