#BNS! Reabold Resources Big Georgian Gas Licence On The Way?

There’s a ‘hefty‘ lot of  Reabold Resources (LON: RBD) investors/traders out there, awaiting news on the company’s up-coming drills. Wick & Colter. If you don’t know what those drills are then I suggest you get researching because unlike certain other UK Onshore Oilers the RBD drills (Offshore UK) are the real deal. A ‘Roll of the dice’ with a decent chance of success (COS) on BOTH drills, particularly Colter. Which, once they actually get to rig ‘mobilisation stage’ will push this SP much higher. I personally hold some stock here, so am always on the hunt for information. The problem is the company are not releasing the news. Good or bad I publish what it is. You can moan all you want but it’s better to know what’s going on than not. It’s how you make money and it’s how not to lose money. It was pencilled in for a 12 noon release but I’ve been cashiered into 12:30pm ’cause one of the ‘twittermen‘ has to finish his go-karting with the family. What a nice guy I am….  🙂

Now it’s been a long time since I wrote on Reabold and new information has come my way via the BMD ‘sauces‘ pipeline. There’s a major whisper that this company are farming into a Georgian gas asset which is ‘controlled’ by, the soon to IPO, Block Energy. Fortunately I’ve managed to get my hand on not one, but three Block Energy prospectus’. The Georgian gas asset is flagged up as “Substantial potential from 608 Bcf 2C gross unrisked contingent gas resources at West Rustavi, analogous play being tested by Schlumberger in 2018 and 2019 on adjacent licence”

This is more good news if it comes to pass, as it further flesh’s out RBD with another potential quality licence farm-in. A value driver.

In the constant hunt for good returns, Reabold, sub 1p, could provide excellent returns. The SP could hit 2p/3p/4p/5p dependent on how successful they are. It will almost certainly break through 1p soon enough.


Fully funded with a big following and an even bigger following waiting on the side-lines to jump in once the drills start to crystallise as a reality. The placing has been done so unless they’re running a ‘double bluff‘ holders should be able to sit tight and wait for the move upwards. Of course the placing flippers are still at work exiting, however most of them will now be out. Good place to start researching is HERE

This is going over 1p soon enough. The only question is when? Not if! But as ever do your own research etc. Remember I hold stock as such I could be construed as a Rose Tinted Spectacle wearing leftie… 🙂







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