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I see that Dick Gill announces that he will be recording an exclusive podcast for the few remaining members of tomorrow with the CEO of AIM listed Lombard Risk Management. Dick boasts of this on twitter and asks for questions?

Richard L. Gill ‏@RichardLeoGill
We are recording a podcast with Lombard Risk Management tomorrow. Any questions for the CEO let me know

The CEO of Lombard Risk is John Wisbey. Would that be the John Wisbey who recently bought 10% of Rivington, the owner of t1ps? Yes it would be. I  am sure Dick will reveal the clear conflict of interest at some point. And I suspect it will be a really hard hitting interview then, with Dick pulling no punches.

A cute deal for Wisbey: buy some shares on the cheap and buy nice soft copy from t1ps. If only anyone read the site anymore it would be a really cute deal.

When you do the podcast Dick, why not use the snotty tone you recently used in your emails to our admin?


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