The Great Ghost ship VERNALIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes as foretold here the Great Ghost ship Vernalis sails blindly on captained by Ian Garland and manned by an infamous skeleton crew of voracious Directors creaming in pay and expenses!! How long before the money runs out? How long before yet another begging bowl Placing?

Fools rushed in and bought their rights at 76p!!!! Against the good advice from all and sundry! Well those shares are now worth a miserable 31.5p!!!!

What an investment!!!!!!!!!

The Ghost ship Vernalis still sails blindly onwards and downwards towards the rocks ignoring the sirens,fog-horns and flashing beacons fore-telling the disaster that is Vernalis. Captain Garland mute by malice, tone deaf to all the cries of calamity steers his ship “onward,onward onward!!!!!!!”

There’s only 1 life boat here and it isn’t for investors. It is for captain Garland and his skeleton crew to jump into and row away from the rocks after the Great Ghost ship that is VERNALIS crashes into them!!!

Yes captain Garland and his merry men will be manning the life-boat rowing away with ALL your cash paid in fees and expenses!!!!

Well done the VERNALIS Board you have taken a promising company and totally destroyed it’s value!


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  1. Tacitus says:

    The worst English Football team ever and all on drugs!


    _ Garland (Vernalis) _

    McCarthy (Alizyme) ……………. …………… ……………..

    Please complete before I do!!!!