New Web-site update.

Another bolt from the blue

The BMD bolt. Coming soon!

The new site will be going live very shortly. We have received literally hundreds of emails complaining about the administration charge for the site there’s an awful lot of mis-information being posted on the subject. At present the fee is being worked down. We have now managed to make some good progress on this hot topic and can now reveal that it will be below £130.per year.

There are many reasons why we are changing from a free Blog to a subscription only site. Part of the Evolution is a natural progression bearing in mind the volume of traffic we get, to put it bluntly we have out-grown our WordPress platform and feel that our new site will be cutting edge offering genuine investors a forum where they can collectively organize research/information in a safe haven. (In response to many emails)  The constant bickering that breaks out online is all too evident. Our comments section is always kept free from the loonertick fringe here on WordPress as will be the new website. A valuable tool being the use of full registration that will be verified and cross checked by our monitors.

The new BMD site will pledge to keep investors fully informed on stocks that BMD and subscribers are researching. We will certainly do our best. And I can promise all new members this; the new site will never end up like Interactive Investor which is currently an absolute disgrace with multi-posters involved in online trench-warfare. The site needs a big clean-up. The moderation is woeful! It is full of imposters.

We are planning for some genuine independent research from several respected analysts from the city of London on 3 of the hottest stocks currently on the radars of privateers. I can’t say to much about this at the moment due to the cut,n,paste Brigades who will shortly be nothing more than a distant memory lost in the eons of online history!

Keep your eyes out for the launch of the new website which will almost certainly come like a bolt from the blue!



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No Responses

  1. muhammad khan says:

    Please make it free i am already down -6k

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Dan,
    Will you be offering a trial period ? or say a 1 month 1 time sub so that folks can get an idea of what is on offer.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. BoLt says:

    BoLt from the BlUe you say???? Are there any plans to allow a free trial peroid?


  4. B0GiE-uk- says:

    Dan please make it under £100.

    Also can you do a quarterly subscriptions please rather than lay out all the £££ in one go?

    I think this would sit better with all the pi’s big and small!

  5. Vonny232 says:

    I think a 50 quid subscription is a little steep, let alone 130 quid.

    You will hemorrhage fans. Surely its better to go for the “Low cost, high volume” approach?

    Lowering your subscription cost significatly will attract a large percentage of your impressive visitor count.

  6. provestor says:

    Great news Dan. Will it be worth writing you another email?

  7. distortion says:

    Very much looking forward to the launch of the new site Dan. More power to you and your team. Well done.

  8. luke says:

    Im sure you said people already subscribes would be given VIP access.. bit wierd. Your ad revenue is going to drop so much

  9. Joseph says:

    If the new site is as good as it sounds then news will spread quicker giggsy pulling up his calvin kleins and the fee wont be a problem at all :o)

  10. Joseph says:

    If the new site is as good as it sounds then news will spread quicker than giggsy pulling up his calvin kleins and the fee wont be a problem at all :o)

  11. Ginger Rogers says:

    I’m down a few k from following Dan’s tips also. Roxi Petroleum wasn’t a pleasant experience

    Not sure I want to add to the losses with another £100 down the drain just to read the tips we previously got for free? Will think it over a bit more, see where I can make the savings. Cut down on the takeaways maybe!

  12. Johnty says:

    Hi Dan good news on the subs but I still think you should bring them down to below £100
    Things are tight out there at the mo for me and most investors.
    That interactive has turned into a farce with accusations flying out all day for the last 3 days sinec Spikey was unearthed. Most knew he was a plant.

    Keep up the great work

  13. Angela says:

    Dan If you need I can do the cooking, dish washing, home and office cleaning put you in bed,breakfast in the morning, ironing ecc
    But please 145€ is a fortune 🙂

  14. Jamie says:

    How will you be able to stop people from registering for your site and copying what you post to other free forums?

    This is why I won’t be paying any subscription fee and expect to read all about it elsewhere…

    • Brokerman says:

      As well as copyright being rigourously persued via our admin helpers we will employ methods such as html code etc
      While it is difficult to control we can certainly stop unwanted anonymous chat site posters. We can invoke breach of copyright on the offending site which will ultimately lead to the demise of the miscreant


      • Jamie says:

        It will be hard to stop the spread via private BB’s and private email groups though.

        I feel that any fee over £50 will ultimately lead to low numbers of people taking up the subscription and groups of people sharing the information between themselves.

  15. wales says:

    I suspect that like many others I would want to see what is on offer and different from this free site before parting with £130. Either a free trail or a monthly subscription would make me more interested.

  16. Russell says:

    £130? That’s about the equivalent of the amc on £8666 of unit trusts or £26,000 of ETF’s. You’ll have to be good at tipping to justify that. No offence meant..

  17. stevie says:

    FFS’s…..would you just listen to you all!! Its going to be under 130quid so say a tenner a month! Unless you are a high volume trader thats equivelent to cost of 1 bloody trade per month. From reading many comments left on here I’m guessing there’s a lot who need guidance to stop them shiting themselves into selling just because someone on the boards say’s so.
    Put simply, it’ll cost you all aprox 60quid to run with it for 6mths……if you cant make that pay listening to genuine heads up points……take your money out of the markets YOU WILL NEVER BEAT THE M’s.

    Advisory brokers, aprox 0.5% in and out so 1%….or dependant on amount you gain 1.25%-2%……they will become your bestest buddy to encourage you to over trade, its how they earn their charlie money.

    At first I was anti any charge then in a moment of clarity done the maths realised in comparison to any other sites any subscription would be a bargain. I know of someone who paid an oil worker 10grand in cash for info yet what they recieved was a 4 line mail which was still not a 100% guarantee of success……think about it folks.

  18. Bob says:

    Its a shame that all the non subscribers wont be able to see the conclusion of the 100k to 1mill challenge.

  19. paul says:

    You need to keep fee below 50 quid and offer free trial for 1 month. If people like what they see then fair enough. I like your site Dan but i do get most of the info free elsewhere. Below 50 quid is the way.

  20. Maria says:

    Why’re people complaining? If you think it’s not worth it or in your best interest then don’t join up. I’ll be joining. I waste more money on stock tip sheets. around 400 a year this is the only one that i’ve made good profits from dont mind helping out with the cost of his new venture i’ve done quite well and so to have most from it. The only one whos made sweet fa will be dan
    The hours he has spent must run into tens of thousands. Give a little back and leave something in for the next one. RHPS is pants.


  21. AC says:

    It would be nice if there is a dedicated page on your blog for each oily, that would encourage subscribers to sign up I think.

  22. Colin Copeland says:

    Hi BMD why not offer 1Month free subscription so we can have a taster of the new service? I think we should have a scrolling BB for all stocks AND a dedicated area for individual stocks. This would show any particular sentiment across a wide RANGE of investor interests.