Sterling Energy. Oil shows?

Just a small tid bit of information coming my way re’ Sterling this morning.

Our Oilvoice contacts have been reportedly speaking to their industry contacts.

Seems that there may well be more oil shows logged. Can’t see it myself Sterling should be judged on past performance which is full of broken promises. Stay well clear in my opinion.


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  1. barry finecut says:

    just like TRP eh Dan ?

  2. Charles says:

    Jesus man give this kid a break.
    ive been following his blog since it started and on the whole he’s been a great help. Get off this TRP trip man! Move on.
    I was a holder and still am inTRP the market read it wrong check out the rns’s and you’ll find that they did have hydrocarbon shows.
    sey are a completely different kettle of fish. theres oil down there and thats why the price is moving up news is leaking out.
    Keep it coming bro block negative suckers like this Barry stuck in a time warp.

    Great blog.


  3. Musy says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I am quite new to SEY and bought my first stake in it y’day at 142 and down 12% straight away. I guess this drop is due to lake of RNS today as people were expecting.
    Do you still think 142 is a good entry point or should I reconsider it b4 it goes lower.


    • Brokerman says:

      Not one of my prefered companies Sterling due to the amount of lies/deceit perpetuated by the Board. Too many broken promises. (Check out the sey posts).
      142p is way under the consolidated sp bearing in mind that there are Institutions that have been feeding this company tens of millions of dollars over the last few years with no return whatsoever. I simply have no confidence in the company.
      The Board of SEY have been leading investors a merry dance for years.
      Still if they hit oil as is expected the sp will rise considerably if they miss the oip then expect a massive drop sub 50p!
      Always research your investments and don’t be afraid of asking what may seem to be an obvious point.

      Good Luck