British Petroleum. 300p!!!!!!!!!

I  just thought i’d post this wee bit of news.( As foretold on the blog BP has now dropped below 300p.  Of course i’m not claiming any credit for being proved correct rather i’m pointing out that the previous posts re’ BP on this blog have proven to be correct.)

News from the city.

Expect further falls in this share price as news from the Gulf spill continues to be negative. 250p 260p 270p 280p all represent different price opinions depending on who you speak too.

My opinion is that 270p/280p could very well be the beginning of a plateau for this company. Any thing under 245p is  an absolute mid-term buy.


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  1. Dyl says:

    How much more do you think this can go? When and at what price do you think is s good time to buy. Do you think august is going to be good for them?

  2. ChangFai says:

    When the news comes out, that the drilling of the relief wells has failed, and there is no way of stopping the flow of oil ….. what price BP then ?

  3. Tacitus says:

    Could you please write grammatical English ?

    The syntax is awful but it’s a blog so we’ll let that go.

    Whom not who.

    Too is spelt to in this case.

    The split “any thing” is 18th century usage and before. Modern usage is Anything.

    There are more errors…but you were obviously born in Surbitonus.