Master Investor Seminar. 16th APRIL 2011 ARMS Twisted. 15 pairs of FREE TICKETS!

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BMD Will be here!

There’s A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY HERE for Private Investors. Yes it’s the Master Investor Seminar hosted by Rivington St Holdings  @the Business Design Centre in Islington on the 16th April.   As part of the BMD campaign to disseminate knowledge to Private Investors  Tom Stockton has had his arm twisted by BMD the struggle was immense but eventually Tom submitted and sense prevailed. There are 15 pairs of FREE, YES FREE TICKETS!!!! They retail for £49.99p per ticket. So what do Private Investors have to do for these tickets? Get on the telephone now! Or Email

To claim a pair, call Mintra on 01624 641310 or e-mail quoting the BMD voucher code;  “MI11BMD”

And as if that wasn’t enough we’ve also arranged a discount for BMD subscribers quote the VOUCHER CODE MI11BMD. And haggle for a discount! I’m sure you’ll get one!  I’ve had it on good authority that there will be plenty of CEO’S from companys not exhibiting sniffing around the exhibition.

This is a great opportunity for Investors to become proactive,  Nigel Wray will be speaking along with Rivington’s Tom Winnifrith.

The speakers ALSO  include: Jim Mellon, Mark Slater, Terry Smith, Simon Cawkwell (Evil Knevil),  and David Linton. ALL HIGHLY RESPECTED in the City of London and beyond. Use the chance to grill them. All will be available for one to one discussion. Furthermore there’s a whole raft of companys exhibiting at the Master Investor Seminar. From RRR to Northern Petroleum. Go and speak to your company and get some information! Full List below.

So get proactive the rumour is that I may even show up. You can’t miss me as I’ll be the one in the best suit!



Full company list:

@UK PLC..1Spatial..Access Intelligence..Active Energy..Akers Bioscience..Alecto Energy..Alexander Mining..Alliance Pharma..Angel Mining..Angelsey Mining..Archipelago Resources..Ariana Resources..Ascent Resources..Ascot Mining..Athol Gold (formerly Hameldon)..Avisen..Blavod Wines & Spirits..BeMyNextJob PLC..Ceres Power..Chamberlin Plc..Chalkwell Investments..Clarity Commerce..Click Events..Cleantech Energy..Cluff Gold..CMC..Collins Sarri Statham..Condor Resources..Conroy Diamonds..Continental Precious Minerals..Cyan Technology..Design Capital..DevilFish Gaming..E Therapeutics..ECR..EMED..English Wines..Equatorial Palm Oil..First Artist..Forbidden Technologies..Frontier IP Group PLC..Fundsmith..Golden Prospect Precious Metals..ILX Group..Imperial Music..Insolve..Intandem..Ionic Information (Share Scope)..JPJ Platinum..K3 Business Technology..Keycom..Kibo Mining..Kootenay Gold..Kryso..Leni Gas & Oil..Lighthouse..Lombard Medical..Mechan Controls..Merchant Capital..Metallum Resources..Metro Electric..Minesite..Minoan/Loyalward..Mirada..MSM Media (shares magazine)..National Milk Records..Nexus..Niche..Noricum Gold..Northern Gold..Northern Petroleum..Ortac Resources..Osceola/Wessex (Joint Stand)..Ovoca Gold..Pan African Resources..Pathfinder Minerals..Peer TV..Plastics Capital..PLUS Markets..Premier Management..Prime Markets..RAM Investment Group..Red Rock Resources/ Regency Mines..Resources In Insurance (back in)..Rethink Group..Rivington Street Holdings..Romios Gold Resources..Ronaldsway Private Equity..Santander UK Stock brokers / Shareholder relations..Saxo Bank..Sefton Resources..Sirius Minerals..Skywest..Societe Generale..Sovereign Mines of Africa..Stanley Gibbons..Sullis Recruitment..Sutherland..Symphony..Text Bet..Thalassa..Third  Quad  Capital..TXX..Titania Investments..T1ps Resources..Woodbourn Square Silver/ Directex Realisations..Woodlarks

The resources companies there include: Alexander Mining, Angel Mining, Anglesey Mining, Archipelago Resources, Ariana Resources, Ascent Resources, Ascot Mining, Athol Gold, Cluff Gold, Condor Resources, Conroy Diamonds, ECR, Golden Prospect Precious Metals, Jubilee Platinum, Kibo Mining, Kootenay Gold, Kryso, Lenin Gas and Oil, Metallum, Minoan, Niche, Noricum Gold, Northern Gold, Northern Petroleum, Ortac, Wessex, Ovoca Gold, Pan African Resources, Pathfinder Minerals, Redrock, Sefton Resources, Sirius, Vatukoula, Volta Resources and Woodburne Silver. There are also further, non- resource stocks too.

The website is: Check it out!

Speaker details:

– Man behind the biggest ever success on AIM
– Worth over £500m
With an estimated wealth of £530m, the entrepreneur and former fund manager made his fortune investing in emerging markets in the 1990s…

– “Britain’s Buffett”
– Director of over 50 companies
Often described as ‘Britain’s most successful living investor’ and ‘Britain’s Buffett’, Nigel built up his first business, in property, while still in his twenties…

– Leading technical analyst
– Founder and CEO of Updata
David Linton is one of the UK’s best known technical analysts, having appeared on BBC television, ITN News, Bloomberg and CNBC and written for The Mail on Sunday, Shares Magazine and the Investors Chronicle…

– Successful fund manager
– Son of legendary Jim Slater
A true smaller companies expert who has run an active personal portfolio since 1986, Mark obtained a BA in History from Cambridge in 1991 before joining Societe Generale Strauss Turnbull’s convertible bond desk. In 1992…

– AKA Simon Cawkwell
– UK’s most feared bear raider
The UK’s most feared bear raider and infamous short-seller, Simon Cawkwell aka “Evil Knievil” is a trained accountant who made his name exposing the holes in Robert Maxwell’s accounts…

– Founder of
– CEO of Rivington Street Holdings
Tom Winnifrith is quite simply the UK’s best-known share tipster. Finding fame in the late 90s on the award-winning Channel 4 TV programme Show me the Money, Tom started his career in the City before moving to the Investors Chronicle…

– CEO of Fundsmith
– Author of controversial bestseller Accounting for Growth. A controversial author, investment analyst and fund manager, Terry Smith began his successful City career at Barclays Bank in 1974. Working at a variety of City firms during the 80s….

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    hello Daniel
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