Encore Oil Nautical Petroleum. Update.

As foretold here yet again.(Check the previous posts) Nautical and Encore are trending up as we get to the end of the 10 day news timeline.

Rumours here are beginning to circulate that the DST will show improvements re’ the 240 feet oil column!

Just how big is Catcher? That is the question being asked here!

Nautical UP 20% as  i type Encore UP  6% Roll on the news!


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  1. Maryjaneonea says:

    Dan iv’e been a follower of yours for some time now and am grateful for your snippets of advice. you have called this nautical find just right. thanks for the info.
    Expect there’s quite a few of the anti dan brigade sucking lemons right now. LMAO at them.
    well done dan.

    Contrary Mary

  2. berkshire_knight says:

    Hi Dan,

    Do you please have a view on why Nautical is up some 20% and Encore only 5% when they both have a 15% stake in this play

    Thanks and always

    • Brokerman says:

      Each company that holds a stake here (and there are more than just Nautical and Encore) are judged individually by the market. The upside for nautical is far bigger basically because they are fully financed and some think hold superior Blocks in their respective sectors. There are a whole host of facts taken into account not least total shares in circulation etc etc


  3. Diamond Bob says:


    What is happing on VOG. Days are turning into weeks as usual with your so called info!!


  4. miopus says:

    Dan – re Sunday Times’ GKP article – what is your view on what has been written in today’s newspaper ?

    Seems like another smear campaign to me.