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  1. timmey says:

    Hi Dan,

    Any update on Victoria Oil and Gas?

    Thanks in advance

    • Brokerman says:

      Victoria is proving a rather tricky nut to crack re’ news. The general consensus here is that this company are well on the way to a very good revenue stream etc. The embargo was pre the AGM.Which tends to now be thought of here as the reason for the embargo .
      News is expected and our AIM section are fully expecting a spike on news.


  2. Matey123 says:

    what news do you think?

  3. Matey123 says:

    any further news on GCM.

  4. Maryjaneonea says:

    Well done Dan. NEWS is on the Keddington onshore site.
    Let us know when the updates on catcher are in if possible. I know you cant find out whats in these rns’s but at least knowing theres 1 in is a great help to all us peeps.

    Thanks for the heads up.
    How high do you tink Nautical and encore will go when the catcher news is in?


  5. Matey123 says:

    gcm dan?

  6. Matey123 says:

    gcm dan? any news?

  7. Matey123 says:


  8. Matey123 says:

    DAN please dont forget the stocks you have talked about before…….lets discuss GCM…..cmon buddy…..a lot of folks want to hear the info from you.

  9. Matey123 says:

    Why are you ignoring your dedicated followers….GCM update please DAN

  10. Matey123 says:

    ;-(…….gcm update friend

  11. Matey123 says:

    GCM! GCM! GCM!

  12. Matey123 says:

    gcm 😉