Nautical Petroleum

I have been following Nautical for several years now and have been hugely disappointed by their performance particulary the share consolidation coupled with their general OVER cautious approach when dealing with their North sea Discoveries/License’s.

However recent upward movement may be an indicator that the market is finally beginning to recognise that it is only a matter of time before PRODUCTION begins to reap huge benefits for the company. The favourable area of their Kraken discovery (North sea) means that there will be NO problems re’  infrastructure/recovery. Expect to read of increased reserves/recovery rates once the Ocean Nomad gets underway in summer 2010. The field development programme which will be submitted to the government some time late 2010 cleverly focuses on the core discoveries which will insure full approval.

Big things will happen here over the next 12 months, but as always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and remember that this is MY opinion and should not be taken as a green light for investing here.


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