Gulf Keystone Petroleum. Update

Spoken to many over the weekend regarding the static SP as of late.

The recent placing coupled with the Etamic default and regional political difficulties are having a dampening down effect on the SP. Market sentiment seems to be  “wait and see”. Investors should fully expect the SP to take off once the extended well test data and recovery factors have been quantified. “Production will equate to a massive spike in shareholder value.”  (IN House note here).   Takeover rumours seem to be on the back burner BUT could re-surface instantly once all the data from Shaikan1 has been quantified. The sharks are still out there circling waiting for full evaluation.

Hold for good news.


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  1. stevebuffet says:

    Thanks dan for taking the time to update investors with the GKP news from the floor, hope your feeling better, a cool Stella does the trick

  2. stiegofthedump says:


    Could really do with an update on both SAM and OPT when you have time.

    Both have gone quiet although I think both are due to announce last years results soon.

    Any info would be welcomed.