Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. 25,872,746 MAGP Have Vanished! Explanation Now!

It’s groundhog day every day at the piss poor Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG). Todays expose is like all the rest a real shocker. So much so that I have emailed my research to their Nomad and the AIM Regulation team.

Quite simply where has 25,872,746 Magnolia Petroleum shares vanished too? MAGP shares are currently missing. Where are they? You can do the maths below. The simple fact is that there are MAGP shares unaccounted for. Maybe the shyster and shorting CEO and ex estate agent has forgot. It could be an ‘honest mistake guv’ or has he trousered them for himself or used them to pay off debts or maybe in the end of the long convoluted and disastrous deal that culminated in an embarrassing withdrawal of the Lofgran requisition letter, his shyster lying brain has imploded under the weight of telling so many lies? Who writes the RNS’s? Oh yes it’s Mr Ben drug dealing Turney! Not getting value for money there Matty! Some one has got some serious questions to answer. A full and frank clarification is needed here ASAP! We don’t want to hear that ‘David Blaine’ popped in to show you a few magic tricks either!

Missing MAGP shares. Where have they gone? Speak Up Scumbag!

Come on Lofgran speak up! Get out an RNS on what’s happened to 25,872,746 Magnolia Petroleum shares that you have failed to account for. How has your Nomad, Strand Hanson failed to pick up on this? Why was it signed off? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation. Pray do tell us all…..

Time line. On the 26th May 2017 NTOG supposedly bought 204,226,748 MAGP shares

On September 4th 2017 NTOG announced they’d sold 26,354,002. This left NTOG holding 177,872,747 MAGP shares
On October 17 2017 an RNS Completion of Disposal of 152,000,000 dropped. Now you can all see the problem. There are 25,872,746 MAGP UNACCOUNTED for. The RNS makes it crystal clear NTOG has sold all it’s MAGP shares. But the numbers do not stack up. They are 25,872,747 shares light. Where have they gone?
            204226748      Bought
            26354002        Sold
            177872746      Left Holding
            152000000     Disposed
             25872746      Vanishing Shares!
Now I expect we’ll get some weasley worded clarification RNS spinning a tale etc. But I for one predict an NTOG Clarification RNS!

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