#ScumBag1 V #ScumBag2 Lofgran & The Nostra Terra Oil & Gas ‘Secret’ Payments to….. ‘requisitioner’, Ben(t) Turney.

Well where do I start with this one? It really is a shocking state of affairs over at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG). Every NTOG shareholder should be up in arms at the latest twist in ‘The Tale of Two #Scumbags’

The two ‘bad actors’ currently having a bun fight over the carcass of the company and the residual cash left have more skeletons in their respective cupboards than the Egyptian Museum of Natural History.

We all know the ‘form’ of ex estate agent Lofgrans 10+yrs of lies, deceits and corporate failure, using piss poor stripper well fields to flesh out the asset base to give the ‘impression’ of a vibrant young oil minnow, all the while self enriching himself with shareholder cash. Many were suckered in, especially in his early years. Including  myself. Most also know the history of Ben(t) Turney. The former ‘Legal Highs Drug Dealer’ with more business failures than years (16+) I’ve served in jail….. Turney fled his creditors rocking up in Sweden, (Unlucky for them) eventually to be plucked off the UK Bulletin Boards by ShareProphets (Unlucky for us) only to be ‘eased out’ (Fired) by TW (Lucky for Tom) once his drug dealing to UK teenagers, was exposed by ‘Yours Truly’, on this site.

Turney, is the serial cretin behind the TWO requisitions to oust the corporate ‘Z’ team, headed by Matt Lofgran. On Saturday I received an ‘Admission’ via a third party, in answer to the question that I have sought to shine the ‘light of truth’ on. No such admission was actually needed by me. I knew 100% that he had been taking cash payments. Turney now ‘begrudgingly’ admits that for several years he has been on the payroll of NTOG, lining his pockets with shareholder cash, YOUR CASH! So, ALL those tweets, BB posts, DM groups and articles on ‘Valueless’ the markets, spanning years were all part of an undeclared covered up paid promotion.  Well blow me down with a feather, NOT!

Of course his deluded mind is now trying to spin the undeclared ‘cash for ramping’ by pontificating on a ShareProphets podcast that he was “employed for several years by NTOG to ‘write their RNS’s’ (Ramps) and that he ‘resigned’ in 2019 due to a CONflict of interest”. Nothing to see here….


Turney spinning a crock of shit is nothing new. A fig leaf ‘cover up’ doesn’t cut it here and certainly doesn’t fool shareholders. The plethora of articles springing up on ShareProphets are a desperate attempt to deflect away from his own reprehensible behaviour. The plain undisputed facts speak volumes and are incontestable:

Turney took £10,000s over a period of years to ramp & support Lofgrans’ position. NTOG Company/Shareholder monies were secretly funnelled to him to facilitate, ramp and elicit investors, drawing in mug punters to buy worthless stock while deliberately concealing those payments with the full connivance of the CEO. When the cash stopped the ramping slowly metamorphosed into ‘requisitions’. Ben(t) is unfit to sell the ‘Big Issue’ never mind run a listed company, ZERO O&G experience, a known liar who finances his lifestyle squeezing the last few shekels from bombed out companies, such as Teathers & New World Oil & Gas (Eridge Capital). That’s what Turney has done his whole life. Rinsed money from those gullible enough or desperate to believe in a miracle.


These two loathsome creatures are now stabbing each other in the back, with claim and counter claim. The fight for the ‘Piss Pot’ (cash) is on. Turney doesn’t have a pot to piss in so is trying to parachute himself onto the Board, post a winning requisition, to claim the ‘piss pot’ prize.

They have many things in common. Both are religious nutjobs, both have the same christian name ‘Matthew’, both are serial liars, both have a history of utter failure, both are about as trust worthy as a junkie with the keys to the Dangerous Drugs Cabinet, both are only interested in rinsing cash, YOUR CASH, from NTOG into their respective bank accounts and both want to continue fleecing Nostra Terra Oil & Gas……

So, it’s Scumbag V Scumbag or to put it succinctly ‘Scumbags Choice’ for any Nostra shareholder who deigns to vote:

Vote #Scumbag1 Lofgran

Vote #Scumbag2 Turney

A vote for #Scumbag2 will more than likely entail suspension & delisting of Nostra. Shareholders will never see a single penny returned. Just ask Teathers & New World Oil & Gas shareholders who swallowed the Turney ‘Jackanory’……


A vote for #Scumbag1 ensures further dilution, value destruction, Tom Peppers galore and the eventual (12months) suspension & delisting.

What a fucking choice……

You were ALL warned many times on these two low lives


Chalk yet another one up for Daniel!






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3 Responses

  1. CB says:

    Past experience with these two Dan, one being part of a consortium of paid rampers/derampers. I wonder what other worms will emerge from the woodwork here. Matt certainly has some dodgy chums in his little black book. I am sure the pages will be DOCtored though with some gone for a BURTON. Not too soon the truth emerging about those involved in this practice of paying to hype the company pre-placing in return for cash and shares.

  2. Steve says:

    Clicked on your twitter link Mr Levi. I’m an LSE poster. Have posted a lot of below the belt comments about you over the years.

    It would seem I owe you an apology.

    Sorry Dan. Gave you a hard time. Now realise that you’re actually a decent guy. Especially your charity raising with winnfroth.


  3. AngryJim says:

    That Turdy is a rotten b***ard. Better Matt stays. At least I can then exit before the plugs pulled.

    F**k off Turney. Filthy toe rag. Pump & dumper. What a bare faced liar. He’s been creaming it in. Backhanderrs Ben. Rotten to his core same as his muckka Shitlow. Both at it!!!!!!