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  1. Diamondbob says:

    This should be an interesting post then, most oil production AND exploration companys up, and this one doing a good impression of Tigers Woods trousers, if you get my drift!!

  2. Dani says:

    Suspense Suspense lol. Dan is it a RNS Coming out ? Give us some hint lol

  3. Ralph Wiggum says:

    “There will be an update posted tonight.” gets 5 stars?!?!? Made me laugh anyway…

  4. floydy says:

    Hi Dan,

    Noticed you had posted that there was a RNS embago for GKP for he next 2 days today but then you deleted the post.
    Am I right in thinking that we normally get news shortly after a seda draw down?
    Looking forward to your update as always!

  5. Stallionman says:

    Doubt a rns tomorrow but poss thursday 24th or 31st IMHO

  6. John William says:

    Ok Dan – I’m sure we can guess the rest. . . . . . .

    There will be an update posted tonight.
    Just as soon as I get back from the Office christmas party a long time after
    midnight. Lol.

  7. Nice 2 C U says:

    Come on Dan, bring us some good news. It seems like an eternity since we had any good news from GKP.

  8. Matice says:

    Hi Dan,

    Have you been out gate crashing the GKP Xmas party trying to find out the latest?