GKP Update 10.

News from this end. There are an awful lot of city types glued to the screens at the moment. Speculation is growing that the Placing is a done deal. It is thought that there are several Big institutions already lined up by GKP to step into the breech as and when required. The placing IF it goes through will enhance this company. Kozels presentation could spark a rush.




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  1. aj says:

    Thanks for the update Dan, much appreciated as always.

  2. stewart says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your earlier update, have you any views on the presentation, there is not a lot new in it except the funding requirements on the presentation is $50m less than the $120M mentioned on the CNN interview, could the additional be for back in rights

    Also the reference in the CNN interview to 10 – 15 Billion barrels potentional seems to tie in to the Triassic in the presentation or am I reading that wrong.

    Either way so far bit of a slight drop in price, perhaps pick up later when he actually speaks.



  3. Diamondbob says:


    yesterday you were trying to confirm some whispers regarding the stock but you were reluctant to post anything on this matter before the presentation.

    Are you now at liberty to divulge??

    Cheers as ever

    diamond bob

  4. muppetears says:

    Hello, I can’t understand why the sp hasn’t gone nuts. A company sitting on, what can only be described as a rather large amount of oil is still @ 112.25
    Whats holding it back, what needs to be in place for it to go up big time ?