Rockhopper Petroleum. Oil Strike rumours?

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As you’ll all know we  have consistently managed to get the news here before the official release more times than most.

It is rumoured to be looking very good at Rockhopper Petroleums 14/10-7 exploration well which was spudded at 0600hrs BST on 22 August 2011. The Well is situated on Licence PL032, which is 100% owned and operated by Rockhopper. The Well is 3.3km to the north-west of the 14/10-2 discovery well, just outside of the Sea Lion Discovery Area. The Well is designed to investigate reservoir and hydrocarbon presence towards the northern limit of the currently mapped extent of the Sea Lion Main Complex within an area of relatively low amplitudes. Accordingly, the Sea Lion Main Complex will be the only target, with reservoir expected to be thinner than encountered in the 14/10-2 discovery well.

I’ve just taken a telephone call from one of our contacts who is reporting that Thursday/Friday LAST WEEK Hydrocarbon shows were being logged! Now it’s obviously extremely hard to verify this so I would urge caution however this contact has excelled for the Blog recently. The whisper from the city is that an RNS could come tomorrow or this week confirming more oil.



*2.30pm*  Reply to emails just in. Apparently according to the liars on Interactive Investor we’ve got the rockhopper last oil strike wrong?? It just goes to show how Interactive is completely over-run with blatant Liars! Check the Blog ARCHIVES!!!

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  1. James Allen says:

    Wow Dan… thank you so much! You are amazing… this might go some way to making up the £1000 I am down.

  2. StevieO says:

    Hi Dan I did email you the bullpoo that they were posting on II.
    what part of “Rockhopper=rock solid investment” don’t they understand?
    Thanks for all the help and well done onrkh you’ve excelled and got every one of them right.


  3. OILBUG says:


    Thanks and well done on the rkh update !

    Any chance of a NPE flow test update soon as it was a fav last year.