@DavidLenigas Welcome back to twitter.


The Midas touch has returned!

The Midas touch has returned!

It’s a hearty welcome back to twitter from all the Guerillainvestor members and myself to @DavidLenigas  The big man with a big heart is back on twitter! I for one welcome this. A measure of just how popular Lenigas is will be seen by how quickly his followers start to rack up. Get him followed.

We need people like David on twitter. It gives us a direct line to one of the most colourful characters operating on the London AIM. David isn’t a controversial figure it’s the people hounding him that cause the mayhem. We know who they are. I myself have been the victim of such vile abuse. One arse-hole even had the Gaul to accuse myself of insider trading by flooding twitter/ADVFN/LSE/III with malicious posts from various fake troll accounts. That troll has now been identified and is the subject of an official police complaint. So I know first hand just how vindictive and nasty these cowardly bastards can be.

I’ll remind you that under his supervision Leni Gas & Oil (LON: LGO) went to 7p from 0.6 of a penny. Fortunes were made. One chap on twitter made £150k. UKOG went up approx. 350%. For those in at the start good returns were achieved and United Kingdom Oil & Gas (LON: UKOG) now has a bona fide oil discovery as well as other producing assets bought on the fly from distressed Northern petroleum. I myself at the time sold out (Declared) when I thought it was becoming too convoluted for such a ‘thick Northerner’ as myself. This proved to be a master-stroke. (I banked 16K)

I’ve just had the email confirmation from Mr Marmite that it is indeed himself on twitter. It’s made my day.

Welcome back Sir.



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